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iPad mini impressions, four months on

Can you believe it? The iPad mini has been with us for four months. That may not sound like a long time, but in the tech world, where tablet updates are happening sometimes twice a year, the mini has become well and truly established in Apple's tablet line up. In fact, some might say it's already...

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Shazam mention, blackout at Super Bowl drives mobile engagement

Velti is a firm that runs advertising on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and they were paying close attention during last Sunday's Super Bowl game to how and when mobile users were on their phones. The company has released a few tidbits about mobile usage during the big showdown, and the...

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Ad network revenue shows iOS and Android are almost tied

A monthly report from Mobile ad network Millennial Media paints a familiar picture of the smartphone market. According to impressions data, the iPhone is the top individual phone on the ad network, while the iPad is on the rise with a 29% jump in impressions from last month. Apple was the top m...

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Millenial Media: Apple still top manufacturer, devs heading to Android in 2011

Millenial Media has released its monthly report about mobile advertising, and while things haven't changed too much from the last time they released this kind of data, the usual trends are still in place. Apple is the biggest mobile device manufacturer around, representing 25 percent of mobile impr...

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iPad ads more lucrative than iPhone spots

Here's an interesting little finding regarding Apple's iOS devices -- Mobclix claims that for the month of July 2010, ads on the iPad were actually more lucrative than ads running on iPhone apps. The effective cost per thousand impressions is actually five times higher on the iPad than on the iPhon...

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iPad hands-on: Not a full desktop replacement, but the keyboard works

For all of the back and forth about the iPad over the last week, only a handful of people (including Stephen Colbert) have gotten to actually touch one. Fox News, of all the outlets out there, posted a pretty clean and objective hands-on with the iPad earlier this week, and you can get a pretty good...

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First Impressions: Mailplane - the desktop Gmail client

The fusion of web services and desktop software is a holy grail of computing bliss that few can claim. The web can often be clunky and limited by the constraints of a browser, while the data in your desktop software takes a swim with your MacBook when you drop it at the beach. Anyone who has ever ...

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