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Intel uses iTunes for benchmarking

Here's a bit of interesting for you from the folks over at APC: during a press event at CES 2010, Intel used iTunes to tout its latest processors rather than one of the other oft-used performance-testing suites. Specifically, they showed off an i5 processor not by running some complex graphics simul...

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Apple adds queue time, contact info to iPhone developer pages

Small steps: reports from several iPhone developers indicate that Apple has showcased two key features on the Dev Center website that may improve the mood and attitude of anxious app submitters. Feature #1 is a queue status graphic (seen here), letting everyone know how long the approval wait shoul...

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Payback driving game for iPhone updated to version 1.1, lite version added

We've posted about Payback before -- it's a Grand Theft Auto clone that's playable (and pretty impressive) on the iPhone. Apex Designs, the company behind the app, sent us a note that they've updated to version 1.1, and with that update come a nice round of fixes and improvements. As you can see ab...

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Christmas gifts Apple could give me

It's the Holiday Season, and over the years I have happily spent a lot of my XMAS money with our favorite fruit named company. My love affair with Apple products goes back to the venerated Apple II. I do have a couple of PC laptops in the house, and of course I can also run Vista on VMWare Fusion, b...

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MailTags 2.2 public beta 3

MailTags has received some attention at TUAW. If you're already a fan, you'll be very excited about the MailTags 2.2 Public Beta 3 that was released today. If you're not a current user, this might be a great time to check out a plugin that improves on Mail.app by allowing comments, tags, projects an...

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MailTags 2.1.1 available now

Scott Morrison sends word that MailTags, the Mail plugin that lets you both tag your emails and connect them directly up to iCal, has hit 2.1.1. The 2.1 release came a few days ago, and introduced incoming reply tagging-- whenever you sent out a message with tags on it, the reply that came back auto...

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Transmit 3.5.4 released

Transmit, Panic's FTP client that I firmly believe was coded by angels, has been updated to version 3.5.4. They offer detailed release notes, but the cliff notes include SFTP error improvements, upload/download error and Growl notification fixes, navigation tweaks and much more. Transmit 3.5.4 is a ...

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Firefox released

I swear, if developers keep adding decimals to their versioning systems, I might just have to start a petition or something. Firefox is available with "improvements to product stability" and several security enhancements. I believe it should be available via Firefox 1.5's built-in u...

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Weekend Review: this week's software

Grab a cup of coffee and get your downloading mice ready ladies and gents; this week's software review is coming at you: Shareware AppZapper 1.5: minor fixes and improvements ChatFX: spice up your iChat video conferences TextExpander 1.3 (formerly Textpander): an essential utility gets even ...

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Software Update: Pages and Keynote (iWork '06)

If you're an iWork '06 user, Software Update has a couple of presents for you: Pages 2.0.1 and Keynote 3.0.1. About the Pages update (direct link): "addresses issues with charts and image adjust. It also addresses a number of other minor issues." About Keynote's update (link): "addre...

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