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Apple alters in-app subscription terms, relaxes price controls

Apple has modified its subscription policy to remove the pricing requirement that forced content providers to sell in-app subscriptions at the same price it sells them outside the app. These older terms and conditions were supposed to go into effect on June 30, and caused a stir when they were fi...

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Consumer Reports Digital Edition for iPad not recommended

Consumer Reports has kind of a spotty reputation with Apple fans. They've liked most Mac desktops and laptops, but the magazine famously dissed the AT&T iPhone 4 and, just last week, trashed the Verizon iPhone 4 as well. Back in September of 2010, Consumer Reports put out a helpful, but bugg...

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Android may save the day for Apple's iPad subscription policy in the EU

There may never be an official "thank you" note sent, but Apple may be secretly grateful for the explosion of Android tablets about to hit the market. Apple is under the watchful eye of both the United States and the European Union's regulatory bodies regarding its new subscription policy for the i...

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