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Unity makes mobile tools free for small devs

Unity has announced that it's making its mobile game development tools free to use for most independent and small studios. Unity has always been a popular engine both for mobile game development and for cross-platform game creation, but up until now, you had to pay about $800 to actually publish...

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The one OMGPOP employee who turned down Zynga

When Zynga announced that it bought OMGPOP, the developer of the newly minted hit Draw Something, a lot of people shared some frustration. Zynga has earned a reputation as a less-than-popular developer out there, and the fear is that Draw Something, which currently has a relatively simple charm...

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iPhone is dominating independent gaming

Our friends at Joystiq make a very insightful and very telling discovery: the iPhone more or less owns the finalist list for the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile category. 11 of the 14 contestants aren't on the Nintendo DS or PSP -- they're built and played on the iPhone and the iPod touch. Th...

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iTunes creates new venue for Indy distribution

Variety reports that independent video producers can now sell through iTunes. The first indy video production, a 40-minute snowboarding feature, represents the first iTunes content outside the studio system. This opens doors for small business videographers to market their content and I suspect tha...

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Who needs a record label? Submit your own music to the iTMS with Tunecore

Are you a musician with some tracks that deserve their time in the iTMS spotlight? No one's promising you'll make the Top Songs list, but Tunecore can at least help you take a shot. While Apple offers an online application through which you can ask them to 'consider your music for the iTMS,' Tuneco...

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