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NeoFinder powerfully catalogs and indexes your photos, music and much more

NeoFinder is a fast and efficient cataloger (digital asset manager) for all your data. TUAW's not previously discussed NeoFinder, but with high recommendations and praise, it's recently come to our attention in the TUAW head office, so we though we'd give it a mention. From documents to photos ...

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Media Catalog 4.0 faster, supports Quick Look

People who are religious about backups, especially those who use removable media like CDs or DVDs as backup media, often find themselves in a world of hurt when they try to find individual files on a pile of discs. It's worse than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack! Developer Robert Kuilman...

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TUAW Tip: force Spotlight to re-index some apps

I recently was fortunate enough to upgrade to a MacBook Pro, which means my wife can now get her mobile on with a MacBook. After I moved everything over and got to work with the new machine, I noticed some strangeness with Spotlight and Yojimbo: apparently, thanks to some quirk of bits and bytes, Ap...

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