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LaunchPort announces inductive charging system for iPad

We've all wished for cable-free charging of our iPads at one point or another, and now a new inductive charging system called the LaunchPort System is coming soon to give you a way to hold and charge your iPad without hooking up cables. The AP.3 Sleeve fits on your new iPad like any other sle...

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2012 iPhone rumored to feature new charging method

The Wall Street Journal has served up another batch of iPhone rumors after its (ahem) daring claim earlier that the next iPhone will be "thinner and lighter" than the iPhone 4. While the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) is rumored to feature an eight-megapixel camera and will almost certainly have the s...

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Mobee Magic Bar offers wireless charging for Magic Trackpad, Apple keyboard

If you've ever laid eyes on a Palm Pre smartphone, you know that one of the features that makes its owners excited is how the phone is charged; it's simply put on top of a charger called a TouchStone, and the battery is topped off via inductive charging. There's no need to plug a charging cable...

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