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Top gaming platform of all time? It might be iOS

Horace Dediu over at Asymco has put together some numbers on gaming users for the various consoles. According to his data, iOS is a contender not only for the top gaming platform currently, but for the top gaming platform of all time. Game Center currently claims about 130 million users, and As...

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JP Morgan: Apple is a sector unto itself

JP Morgan's hardware analyst Mark Moskowitz has laid bare exactly how huge Apple has become lately, calling the company an actual "sector," not just a company any more. Of course, on paper, Apple is competing with other computer and device manufacturers like Dell and Samsung, but the numbers just ...

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How Line2 accidentally disrupted the phone industry

Last week at CES 2012, I met up with Line2 CEO Peter Sisson; he is a man who's done a lot of butting heads with big companies over what started off as a pretty simple proposition. Line2's basic concept was to create a second line (for business or personal calls) on your iPhone. Sisson's origina...

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Don't blame iPad for PC sales stagnation, says NPD

A new study released by the NPD Group on Tuesday suggests a recent decline in personal computer shipments can't be blamed on the iPad. NPD's results contradict conventional wisdom, which assumed shiny new gadgets like Apple's iPad were eroding the PC market. According to NPD's figures, a signifi...

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Director DJ Caruso on using iPads to make I Am Number Four

Here's yet another example of the iPad excelling in a place it was never intended to actually go: making movies. Director DJ Caruso did an interview in an Apple Store recently, and he says that he used the iPad in all kinds of ways to help make his new movie I am Number Four, from controlling on-se...

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iPhone vs. the world

BusinessWeek.com has a really interesting article online today theorizing about the potential impact the iPhone 3G will have on other smartphone manufacturers and the wireless industry at large. The $200 introductory price point can lure lots of customers over to AT&T and put the price crunch...

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Yahoo!, Monster supports Jobs in DRM battle

Looks like Steve Jobs has found allies in the form of Yahoo! Music and Monster Cable executives in the quest to banish DRM. An executive from competitor Yahoo! Music, Dave Goldberg chimes in with: ``I've long advocated removing DRM on music because there is already a lot of music available without D...

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Macs could be riding back seat - and that's ok

Yesterday's keynote announcements that showed off everything but a Mac and Mac OS X understandably struck some fear in those who worry about the future of Apple's computers. Don't get me wrong: while I question how easy it is to dial numbers on a virtual iPhone keypad (fellow former owners of Samsun...

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eMusic hits No. 2 in digital music sales, thanks iPod

eMusic, a seemingly small-time digital music service that sells DRM-free MP3s of independent artists, has quietly overtaken other big name rivals such as RealNetworks, Yahoo! and even Napster for the #2 spot in digital music sales. The company attributes its success largely in part to the iPod's wid...

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Apple posts 'Mac at Work' site

So much for those "Apple isn't interested in the science/business/pro sector" theories. Behold, Mac at Work, a new promotional site from Apple with information, case studies, online seminars and real world event listings for just about every interest and sector besides consumers. Just look at the fi...

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