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Study: iPhone's social media mentions are off the charts

The folks over at eBay Deals have just wrapped up an extensive study of smartphone mentions across major social media platforms and their results show a clearly defined picture of just how much Apple's iPhone dominates social media mentions compared to its competitors. The study looked at mentions...

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Confused by the Galaxy Gear? Apple released a better, cheaper watch in 2010

The smartwatch market is a weird one, so when a new device enters the fray it can be somewhat confusing to pinpoint exactly where it fits in. Samsung jumped in today with the reveal of the Galaxy Gear, a $299 smartwatch that, at launch, will work with exactly one smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3. Un...

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Report reveals just 34% of apps released in 2012 were paid

The App Store is a very different place than it was four years ago, and nothing makes that point better than Appsfire's 2012 roundup infographic. Arguably the most telling statistic regarding the current state of apps is that just 34 percent of apps released in 2012 landed in the Paid category,...

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iOS 5 Safari speed gains demonstrated in New Relic infographic

Web application performance company New Relic released the results of a study comparing the mobile browsing speeds of iOS 4 and iOS 5 on the same model of iPhone. What did they find? That iOS 5 / Safari 5.1 is much faster than iOS 4 / Safari 5.0. New Relic complied their test results into the...

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Infographic illustrates 10 years of the iPod (Updated)

The 10th anniversary of the iPod's announcement isn't until October 22, but the folks at Most Wanted (part of VoucherCodes.co.uk) came up with a celebratory infographic that was just too good to pass up. It depicts an illustrated history of the iPod since that happy day in 2001, and is reprinte...

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How saving changed in Lion - Infographic

You can check out the full-size images in the gallery below, but clearly Lion thinks about saving documents differently. Read more about versions and locking documents in this post. Note: If you're having an issue with the image loading in the gallery, click one of the thumbnails and it...

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Infographic: Microsoft vs. Apple - The History of Computing

Sean Lind at Manolution has posted an incredible infographic highlighting the battle between Microsoft and Apple throughout the history of computing. The chart lists every major product launch by the two companies, major changes to the companies, and their respective stock prices at the time. I...

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Mobclix finds the monthly value of an app user

Mobile advertiser Mobclix put together this infographic supposedly showing the "monthly value of an app user." It's the monthly advertising revenue for each app category listed, divided by the average number of users in a given month. As you can see above, iPhone apps are clearly generating more re...

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iPad and Kinect: two fastest-selling gadgets of all time

Apple and Microsoft have been competing for decades in the desktop market, so it is only natural to compare their success in other markets. Though the Microsoft Kinect and the Apple iPad are vastly different devices, the pair are the two fastest selling gadgets this year. The Next Web put together ...

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