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InfoWorld is so, so wrong about iOS jailbreaking

Today, InfoWorld published an article by Galen Gruman about iOS jailbreaking. In it, Gruman makes the argument that iOS jailbreakers -- who, by Gruman's estimation, "deserve" viruses and malware -- are moving to Android. His theory is that since Android offers lots of customization and is already ...

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How the iPhone crushed T-Mobile

With the U.S. Department of Justice now fighting the proposed AT&T takeover of T-Mobile USA, many T-Mobile customers are beginning to wonder about the viability of the mobile carrier in the long run. In an InfoWorld post today, blogger Galen Gruman wrote a fascinating treatise on how the iP...

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Newton among "Biggest Cults in Tech"

I'm proud to count myself among InfoWorld's Tech cult No. 7: The Tao of Newton. I'll confess that my 2100 has seen less action since I bought my iPhone, but it'll never be relegated to my basement wasteland where various Palms, Visors and even a 3Com Audrey dream of more useful days. Newton ownershi...

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Apple among InfoWorld's Tech of the Year

Infoworld has identified its 2008 Technology of the Year award recipients, and Apple's name shows up twice. First, the MacBook Pro gets the nod as their Best Notebook Computer, calling its glossy screen a "revelation" (that might be a little extreme) and praising its performance and build quality. ...

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Mac Pro, MacBook Pro win InfoWorld 2007 Tech honors

InfoWorld just released their 2007 Technology of the Year Awards, which cover technologies that were the best of 2006, and Apple has made a strong showing. The Mac Pro snagged Best Desktop/Workstation while the MacBook Pro took Best Notebook honors. InfoWorld also has an article up by Tom Yager that...

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