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Judge Koh: Samsung did not willingly infringe Apple's patents

Judge Lucy Koh closed a chapter in the ongoing litigation between Apple and Samsung by issuing three orders in the case. These rulings pave the way for an appeal. According to a report in Ars Technica, Koh determined that Samsung's infringement was not willful and ruled that damage awards won...

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Apple, Amazon ordered to settle 'app store' suit

Since March 2011, Apple has been battling Amazon in court over the use of the name App Store. In an order handed down yesterday, Judge Elizabeth LaPorte told the two companies that she wants them to sit down and negotiate a settlement. The pair are scheduled to meet on March 21st, says a report...

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Judge urges Apple, Samsung lawyers to seek 'global peace'

Samsung and Apple faced off again on Thursday in a California courtroom. The pair met with Judge Lucy Koh to discuss a variety of topics including Apple's injunction against Samsung, the fairness of the US$1 billion award and the credibilty of jury foreman Velvin Hogan. During the proceedings...

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Dutch court bans sale of some Samsung products

According to an IDG news service report published by Computer World, a Dutch court has banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy products that infringe on an Apple patent. The patent in this case describes a method for scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen device. The ban applies to Galax...

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Apple adds 6 Samsung products to second US patent lawsuit

Late last week, Apple filed a motion to expand its California infringement lawsuit against Samsung to include the handset maker's latest mobile devices. According to FOSS Patents, Apple added the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Rugby Pro and...

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No end in sight for Apple, Samsung legal battle

Samsung apparently won't be swayed by the recent deal between Apple and HTC. According to a report in the Yonhap News, Samsung's mobile and IT division head told reporters that the Korean company doesn't intend to negotiate with Apple. HTC recently signed a 10-year cross-licensing agreement w...

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Judge excuses himself for Siri patent suit

Apple is facing a new patent infringement lawsuit in the US over Siri that was filed on behalf of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The lawsuit is off to a bumpy start as the judge assigned to the case recused himself over a conflict of interest, according to CNET. When he stepped down, Distr...

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Dutch court finds Samsung does not infringe on Apple multitouch patent

Apple faced a legal setback in the Netherlands when a Dutch court ruled that Samsung's tablets and smartphones do not infringe on Apple's multitouch patents. This decision reaffirms an earlier, preliminary non-infringement ruling in a case that was heard in August 2011. The Dutch legal decision...

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Apple's struggle to keep secret documents sealed

After winning big against Samsung in a US court, Apple is now on the defensive, battling against the same court to keep its financial information secret, says a report in Ars Technica. On Tuesday, the company faced a setback in this battle when US Judge Lucy Koh refused to seal documents that c...

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Apple loses appeal in UK case against Samsung

Apple lost its appeal in London's High Court and will have to publicly apologize to Samsung for suggesting the Korean company copied Apple, according to a report in AppleInsider. Apple must take out advertisements in local newspapers and place a notice on its website that states that Samsung di...

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German court: Motorola, Samsung don't violate Apple touch event patent

Motorola and Samsung won a small victory in Mannheim Regional Court this week when a panel ruled that the two companies do not infringe on Apple's "touch event model patent," says Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents. Judge Andreas Voss oversaw the two separate lawsuits that happened to make their w...

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Court upholds Apple victory in Cover Flow, Spotlight, Time Machine patents

An appeals court in Washington has upheld a recent Apple victory on a number of different patents for features in the OS X operating system, including things like Cover Flow, Spotlight search and Time Machine. A company called Mirror Worlds is trying to get a judgment that Apple infringed on it...

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Apple and Samsung respond to jury's decision in US infringement case

Apple and Samsung both issued statements in response to a California jury's decision that Samsung infringed upon Apple's patents. Apple won most, but not all of its claims, while Samsung lost all of its claims against Apple. Apple's response from spokeswoman Katie Cotton was positive, accordi...

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Apple produces 2010 Samsung report comparing the Galaxy S to the iPhone

On Tuesday, Apple submitted as evidence a 132-page document from Samsung that compares the iPhone to the Galaxy S. According to AllThingsD, the 2010 document lists major and minor features of the Galaxy S and points out how the Samsung phone compares to the iPhone. It also provides recommendati...

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EA sues Zynga for copyright infrigement, cites Tiny Tower

EA has dropped a lawsuit on Zynga's doorstep, claiming that one of Zynga's latest Facebook games, called The Ville, is essentially an infringing copy of EA's popular The Sims. You can read through the entire complaint at Scribd. What's most interesting about this whole case -- other than two co...

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