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Samsung: Apple-requested injunction would 'confuse and intimidate' customers

Samsung has a new legal argument in its ongoing litigation with Apple over the sale of certain Android-based smartphones in the US. While the basis of Apple's case is patent infringement claims, Samsung is now arguing that allowing Apple a permanent injunction would "intimidate and confuse" custom...

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FTC calls Motorola's bid for Apple product injunction 'inappropriate'

On December 5, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stated in a filed brief that it felt a previous district court decision to deny Motorola's bid for an injunction of several Apple products was correct. Motorola had claimed that Apple's iPhone and iPad allegedly infringed on wireless patents, ...

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Apple wants Samsung injunction hearing date moved up

Late last week, Apple asked US District Court Judge Lucy Koh to speed up the decision on its injunction request against eight Samsung devices, says a report in FOSS Patents. Koh scheduled an injunction hearing in September, but the court will discuss the current ban against the Galaxy Tab 10.1,...

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Apple expected to file for an injunction, while Samsung says it will appeal

Now that the verdict has been handed down in the Apple/Samsung patent trial, Apple has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against Samsung's infringing devices, according to Engadget. Apple is expected to claim that the continued sales of these devices will cause irreparable harm to the...

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Apple secures EU ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7

Apple's legal team may be doing a happy dance today, after a German court issued an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. The injunction will ban sales of the small tablet in the entire European Union; it was already off the shelves in Germany. The court found that the design ...

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Apple injunction against Samsung could give company big problems

Apple won a significant legal victory over Samsung when US District Court Judge Lucy Koh granted the Cupertino company an injunction that would ban the sale of the Galaxy Nexus in the US. Besides the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple may seek an injunction against the upcoming Galaxy ...

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Daily Update for June 27, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Court backs Apple's request to halt sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple an injunction that'll ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US, according to Reuters. Koh previously denied Apple's injunction request, but a federal appeals court asked her to reconsider her decision on the Samsung tablet. In a decision h...

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Apple denied Galaxy S III injunction in the US

US District Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for an injunction that would ban the sales of the new Samsung Galaxy S III, according to a report by Reuters. Koh said Apple's request to block the June 21 launch of the Android handset would "overload her calendar." Instead of pausing to consid...

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Apple must wait for sales injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple pushed for an injunction that would ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US, but Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District for the Northern District of California denied this motion. According to a report by FOSS Patents, Koh told Apple it had to wait until the United Sta...

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EU launches antitrust probes against Motorola after complaints from Apple, Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft filed separate complaints with the EU that accuse Motorola of using its essential, standards-based patents as weapons to curb competitor's products and advance their own, says a report in The New York Times. Under EU law, companies with patents essential to an industry standar...

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Apple wins German photo gallery lawsuit against Motorola

Apple won a significant legal victory when a German court ruled that Motorola Mobility violates patent EP2059868, says a report at FOSS Patents. The patent details a "portable electronic device for photo management" and covers the photo gallery implementation used by Motorola on its mobile devices....

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Apple wins temporary ruling on iPad, iPhone sales in Germany

Apple scored a legal victory against Motorola in a case involving a standards essential (FRAND) patent that Motorola must license to other companies on fair terms. The Mannheim court originally ruled in favor of Motorola and Apple was forced to remove select iPads and iPhone models from its German ...

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WSJ: Apple seeks injunction to block sales of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

Apple is asking for a preliminary injunction to block US sales of the Galaxy Nexus, according to the Wall Street Journal. The current suit, filed in San Jose's federal district court on Wednesday of this past week, accuses Samsung's phone of infringing on four Apple patents. The patents in question...

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Motorola after an injunction against iPhone 4S, iCloud

Motorola has filed a new patent suit against Apple and now seeks an injunction against both the iPhone 4S and iCloud. FOSS Patents notes that the terms of Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola stipulate that Motorola can't initiate new intellectual property suits without Google's approval; tha...

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