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Microphone for Mac

Got a pair of iPhone headphones with a built-in mic? If you've got an Apple laptop made after 2007, chances are that microphone will work just as well with your computer. Plug it in, then check in the Sound system preferences pane for the 'External Microphone' input....

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Videogames and the iPhone SDK

Now this is what I like to see-- Wil Shipley's mind is already working overtime dreaming up fun stuff to do with the iPhone's SDK when it drops in February ("times nicely," he says, "with my being done with Delicious Library 2 and looking for something to do before I start on v3"). As good as a game...

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TUAW Tip: Use ambient noise reduction for chats and sound recording

I do a decent amount of audio recording and chatting, but I don't ever remember seeing this option in System Preferences until last night. Turning on the "Use ambient noise reduction" feature under the Input tab of the Sound pane can help cut out the TV or dogs barking in the background, though i...

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