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Apple no-cash policy for iPad takes some by surprise

Update: Apple has now reversed the no-cash policy. As loyal readers know, Apple stores are not particularly cash-friendly; in the case of the iPhone and the iPad, they're downright cash-hostile. Both devices require a credit or debit card for purchase, although you can waltz down the block and bu...

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Strand Consult to iPhone users: You're delusional and a big, fat liar too

In a report that is sure to bring cheer to legions of Verizon Droid owners, Strand Consult is saying that all of us who have purchased iPhones are delusional liars. CNET's Chris Matyszczyk reported in his Technically Incorrect column that the Danish marketing consultants posted an article titled ...

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Found Footage: iPhone costumes are either genius or deeply misguided

There's a part of me that wants to tell these guys to apply their wild, inventive energy to more productive pursuits. And yet... there's another bit of reptile brain that simply sits and watches, in awe. Thanks to John for the tip! [via MacRumors Forums] ...

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Insanely Great Tees announces 6 new shirts to vote on

Insanely Great Tees, the clever new Mac-centric shirt shop, has announced 6 new t-shirts - but not all of them are going to see the light of day. Apparently the insanely great crew are having a tough time deciding which ones they like most, so they've put it to a vote for the rest of us. Head over t...

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