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What is it like to work at Apple?

Ever wondered what it's like to work at Apple? AOL Jobs spoke to Joe Moreno, a software engineer who worked at Apple from 1998 to 2007. Joe touched numerous products and projects, notably WebObjects and the Apple Online Store (No, he wasn't the guy who puts the yellow sticky note up when new product...

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FCC shows off internal shots of iPad

Typically the iFixit guys are the first to post pictures of dismantled Apple hardware, but this time it's the FCC, and the hardware is the iPad. Engadget has the shots of the iPad's internals. Before you get too excited, note that the FCC took the time to cover up the specific chips, so we'll hav...

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Parallels Workstation beta 4 raises the bar, offers improvements

Parallels has released a 4th Beta of their much-hyped Workstation software for Intel-based Macs that allows OS virtualization (not just Windows) within Mac OS X. Improvements and fixes in this new beta include: Introduced full screen mode Introduced dual-monitor support Improved real CD/DVD...

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Mac mini Core Solo: The good stuff and a peek inside

Despite my previous two posts on the topic, there are things to like about the Mac mini, and so I've decided not to return the machine. I still think it is overpriced and I also maintain that the Front Row performance over Bonjour is shoddy at best. However, if you keep all your media on the Mac min...

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Cracking open a new Intel iMac

Hopefully, I'll have my hands on a new iMac later today, so that I can weigh in with a little video review of the new computer, but thank the Woz that the Japanese beat me to tearing open the new iMac! Now, I can simply direct your eager eyes over to this site, so that you can peep into the new iMac...

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iMac disassembled for your viewing pleasure

Continuing the tradition of taking things apart as soon as they're released, a site by the name of KODAWARISAN has already dissected an Intel Dual Core iMac. The images aren't incredibly hi-res, but they should be good enough to keep you from doing the same to your zippy new iMac. [via MacDailyNews]...

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Pics of Intel Inside G5 Casing

I seem to remember a hack that came out shortly after the G5s shipping where someone claimed to have gutted the machine and replaced all the PPC innards with the insides from his old Dell. The Mac community reacted in shocked astonishment and freaked out, flaming the post. I seem to also remember it...

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