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Mac 101: more than one inspector window

With the inclusion of "Inspector" windows in most Mac OS X applications, you're constantly jumping around between the different tabs in the window. This little tip will save you time as you'll no longer need to jump around from tab-to-tab! Here it goes: All you have to do is hold down the option k...

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CSSEdit 2.5 brings tabs, X-ray Inspector and more

MacRabbit has released CSSEdit 2.5, a significant update to their fantastic CSS editing and manipulating application. As if CSSEdit 2.0 didn't bring enough cool features, v2.5 is almost like sneaking a peek at your v3.0 birthday presents that are stashed away in your parent's closet the day befor...

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WouldjaDraw illustration software

Dave Caolo showed you an open source image editing tool, so I thought I'd pick up another end of the spectrum with an illustration tool by the name of WouldjaDraw. While it isn't open source, WouldjaDraw does have a healthy array of illustrating features and tools. Inspector palettes, gradient tool...

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