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Certain USB hubs could cause system instability on Macs

Stumble up to your Mac first thing in the morning, tap the keyboard to wake it up and -- what? I incorrectly disconnected my Time Machine backup drive? I never touched it, I swear! Turns out, this is not my fault for once. Apple has just released a support note explaining how, in a certain co...

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Dear Auntie TUAW: Is My 2.0 iPhone Slow and Buggy?

Dear Auntie TUAW, I've been looking to see if there was a post about this, but have people been noticing that the 2.0 firmware on their original iPhones has made them slow, partially responsive, and more buggy? I'm looking for a way to downgrade mine until they get it figured out. Thanks! Signed, ...

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iPhone Tales of Woe: Booting to Single User

A short while back, Digg hosted a link to this crashed iPhone showing single user mode. In that case, the error message stated that the iPhone couldn't "exec /bin/sh for single user: No such file or directory." Now that the iPhone has been thoroughly hacked, this error has evolved somewhat. Last n...

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