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Installing iMovie HD 6 without iLife '08

When iLife '08 and '09 came out, I was pretty happy about all of the new bells and whistles -- except for iMovie, that is. As much as I wanted to like the completely revamped iMovie, to me it was as tasty as "New Coke" when compared to Coca-Cola Classic. When Apple released iLife '08, it provided a...

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Steam for Mac beta set for May 12

Steam for the Mac has been given a date: May 12th. We were hoping to see it by the time April ended, but they've pushed back the date to just a few scant weeks from today. So come the second Wednesday in May, you the public will be able to go and pick up the beta and see what the biggest digital di...

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Dev team releases PwnageTool 3.1.5 to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3 firmware

Jailbreakers ahoy! Yesterday brought the release of the Dev Team's pwnage tool for jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones equipped with the new 3.1.3 firmware. As usual, though, there are a few catches: first, if you don't need to update to 3.1.3, the dev team says you shouldn't bother anyway -- it d...

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Ask TUAW: Prepping a Mac for transfer, adding words to spell check, updating Boot Camp, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about preparing a Mac that you're transferring to a new owner, updating Boot Camp, adding words to the built-in spell check, dealing with flaky network disks, FTP clients, and more. As always, your ...

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Tweets (and whatever else you want) on the desktop with GeekTool

Mat posted a while back about the magic of GeekTool -- it's an app that allows you to run Unix scripts and show logs in a good-looking pane right there on your desktop. Mac OS X Tips recently did a post about how to put your iCal events up there using a script called iCalBuddy, but industrious rea...

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Is Apple pushing Safari 3.1 on Windows users?

If you run iTunes or QuickTime on your Windows PC, but not Safari, you might have seen an uninvited guest show up in the Apple Software Update earlier this week. Yes, Apple thinks you need yet another browser. They tried to slip the new Safari 3.1 in for iTunes owners, a move that has some Windows...

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Video: How to Install Windows Vista

Just a quick little video to brighten up your dull Monday– Anthony Cumia from the Opie & Anthony Show demonstrates the correct method to ensure a successful Windows Vista installation. [via CrunchGear]...

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Windows Vista RC2 doesn't work on Macs via Boot Camp?

It appears the just-released Windows Vista RC2 and the latest Boot Camp 1.1.1 don't play well for some reason. I just tried installing it to round up that Vista + Intel Mac post I've been working on, but the Vista installation process kept telling me it wasn't happy with the drive Boot Camp creates,...

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New Vista build is Boot Camp friendly

A blog post that has risen through the digg ranks reports that a pre-RC1 release of Vista (build 5536) can now be installed easily on Intel Macs via Boot Camp. No more messy instructions, just a good clean install and (apparently) smooth running. Reports indicate that most of the fancy schmancy Aer...

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Apple releases Boot Camp 1.0.2 beta - sans details

Apple has updated Boot Camp to version 1.0.2 beta (remember: it's been a beta all along), but seems to have forgotten to release any details of what this update is all about. I couldn't track anything down at Apple's Downloads or Support sites, and even the VersionTracker entry notes that the MacFi...

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Hacker installs Core 2 Duo chip in Mac mini, hangs on for the ride

Macenstein has blogged a Mac mini CPU swap, as a poster in a Taiwanese forum has switched out the Core Duo chip for a Core 2 Duo chip, a next-generation CPU from Intel. The brain upgrade has resulted not only in the Mac mini stomping a PowerMac G5 dual 2.5 GHz in an iTunes MP3-AAC conversion test (...

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Parallels releases VM Compactor 1.0 beta

Parallels sure has been busy these last couple of weeks, as they have now produced a beta of VM Compactor for Intel-based Macs (as well as Windows and Linux), an app that helps optimize VMs (virtual machines) and compresses the amount of physical disk space they use. The nice thing about VM Compacto...

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Boot Camp can run Vista, too

Some might say that using Boot Camp to run Windows XP on a Mac is so last week. Some enterprising hackers at the OSx86 Project seem to agree, as they have successfully gotten a preview version of Vista - Microsoft's upcoming Windows upgrade originally slated for 2003 - to run on an Intel iMac. Appar...

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Apple introduces Remote Desktop 3

Well I guess we know why the Apple Store was down earlier. Today, Apple introduced Remote Desktop 3, which is now a Universal Binary and includes over 50 new features that deliver better software distribution, asset management and remote assistance. Over 30 Automator actions, remote Spotlight searc...

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Install Front Row (with Bonjour) on any Mac

So the new Mac minis are cool, and Front Row leveraging Bonjour is just plain smart. But what about the rest of us who can't afford to go out and buy yet another shiny new Apple product? Behold: instructions for installing the latest version of Front Row (with Bonjour support) on just about any Mac ...

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