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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help fix my failed install

Dear Aunt TUAW, Help! I can't install anything after my Xcode install failed. Every time I try, Installer tells me that it's waiting for other installations to complete and then it just sits there forever. What can I do? I've tried rebooting, I've tried killing the installer daemon. I'm at...

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The Matrix app turns iPads into a video wall

I spoke with someone from Anywise Enterprises at CES this past year, and they told me about The Matrix, an iPad app (that's now out on the App Store) that will network a bunch of iPads together to create a video wall of whatever size you want. We've seen this idea custom implemented in art installa...

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Mac App Store shots reveal Parental Controls, store helper app

9to5Mac apparently snuck its way into the Mac App Store a little early (the marketplace is set to open up on January 6), and has brought back some screenshots of the app's OS X trappings. You can see the app's icon already, and the app will have a login screen very similar to what you already use in...

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Swarm Light is an $180k LED chandelier controlled by an iPhone

This thing you see in the video on the next page (and in the picture above) is called the "Swarm Light." It's a series of little LEDs hung in sequence along three clusters of grids, lit up in order by a computer to display simulated collective movement, like a swarm of bees. It's very interesting, ...

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3G now available on Mount Everest

Happen to be climbing Mount Everest in the near future? Take heart -- you can probably use your iPhone there now. Provider Teliasonera has reportedly installed a 3G antenna at the base camp of Everest, connecting the remote location to a modern cell phone network for the first time. Previously, cli...

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Xcode 3.2 Daily Tip: Upgrading Xcode

For those about to code, we salute you. Developers: are you ready to upgrade your new Snow Leopard install to Xcode 3.2? The Xcode installer package appears in your Snow Leopard disc's Optional Installs folder. Double-click the mpkg file to open the installer and begin the installation process. Xc...

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Getting Ready for Snow Leopard: Installation Options, Backups, and What To Buy

We're mere hours away from Snow Leopard's arrival tomorrow. As an upgrade for Leopard users, there have been many questions about how it can be installed. How will Apple enforce this "Leopard users only" requirement? Will they ask you to insert your Leopard DVD, or just check for a Leopard installat...

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Mac Mini in a Corvette

After our little scare with the Mac Mini last week, the little boxen that could is quickly becoming my favorite computer (still can't wait to get one with Leopard on it). So seeing cool applications of it like this one thrills me to no end: Andrew sent us his writeup of putting a Mac Mini into a Cor...

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Windows Vista RC2 doesn't work on Macs via Boot Camp?

It appears the just-released Windows Vista RC2 and the latest Boot Camp 1.1.1 don't play well for some reason. I just tried installing it to round up that Vista + Intel Mac post I've been working on, but the Vista installation process kept telling me it wasn't happy with the drive Boot Camp creates,...

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Walkthrough: Running Windows Vista on your Intel Mac with Parallels Desktop

I managed to get Vista running on my MacBook Pro in both a copy of Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp, but this post is only going to cover the Parallels side of things; my Boot Camp post is still in the kettle. For the most part, I would say Vista runs in Parallels Desktop just 'ok,' as opposed to 'r...

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Install OS X from a hard drive

MacOSXHints has a short and sweet how-to for creating a hard drive-based installer for OS X. Using a CD/DVD is fine and dandy, but if you're in a hurry or you're working with a machine who's optical drive is less than cooperative, the sheer speed and convenience of a hard drive install can't be beat...

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Install Tiger from an iPod

Mac OS X Hints has a new hint up today that shows you how to make your iPod a bootable Tiger install disk. This involves erasing your entire iPod, so you'll probably want to make sure you have backups of all the music crammed in there. After you've erased the iPod, it is really a simple mat...

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