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Daily Mac App: Trillian

When Cerulean Studio made an alpha version of its Trillian software available for the Mac in early 2010, I wasn't very impressed. There were no buddy icons, the product didn't resemble the images released for it, there was no group chat support, a good many of the options didn't work, therer ...

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IM+ lite now available for iPad and iPhone

IM+ Lite is now available for iPhone and iPad as a free, ad-supported universal application. Our full review of IM+ for iPad is in the works and should be appearing shortly, so I'll just hit some highlights here: With the exception of Skype chat, IM+ Lite supports the same features as the full v...

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Anomalous AIM Activity Afflicts Adium, Aggravating All

For the past several weeks I've noticed some rather strange behavior with Adium, the free and open-source multiservice IM client. On random occasions I suddenly appear invisible or offline to contacts in my buddy list while logged into my AIM account. And I'm not alone. Not a day goes by that I don'...

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AIM and BeejiveIM updated for push support

AOL has updated both its free (download link) and paid versions (download link) of its AIM client for the iPhone. Besides push notification support, the paid version brings with it the ability to message in landscape mode -- although AOL says that the free version will gain this ability in a later r...

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ApolloIM and MobileChat join forces

Both ApolloIM and MobileChat were jailbreak applications for chatting on the go with your iPhone/iPod touch. Alex Schaefer, ApolloIM's founder, has recently joined the MobileChat development team. In a blog posting by the developer of MobileChat, he said that both applications underwent "friendly co...

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FlickIM: A nice AIM solution for iPhone

Until Apple releases "iChat Mobile," developers will compete to produce the IM solution for the iPhone. So far, we've considered JiveTalk and Meebo. The former was definitely better than the latter, but neither was perfect. Today, we're looking at FlickIM. FlickIM supports AIM only, which is a draw...

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JiveTalk offers nice IM for iPhone

The race to see who will rule IM on the iPhone has begun. Last week, Dave wrote about Meebo. It works, but has flaws (the buddy list is very far from the chat window for some reason, and the chat window can't be resized). Today, I came across JiveTalk, which offers simultaneous login to AIM, MSN, Ya...

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Microsoft Messenger 6.0.2 available

If you're using Microsoft Messenger, you can now download version 6.0.2. According to Microsoft, Messenger 6.0.2 lets you "...take advantage of the full power of instant messaging." Well that's exciting. Additionally, this version enables logging to ~/Documents. Never lose another conversation! Mess...

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