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iOS Safari receiving Google Instant Previews support

Formerly only for desktop browser searches, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Google "Instant Previews" is being rolled out for mobile Safari users as well. This new service allows iOS Safari users to get a quick visual preview of sites within their search results without having to actually click throug...

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Google Instant beta now available on iOS devices

[Changed screenshot to reflect Instant UI, sorry for the mixup. –Ed.] Google's Instant search service is now up and running on its mobile sites as well -- when you hit up google.com on your iPhone or iPad's Mobile Safari browser, you'll see search results appear as you type your query in. You ...

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Meetro released for OS X

Location based social-networking is a concept that has been bouncing around the net for a while now. The idea is to make getting together and interacting with people easier by sorting users by--or simply displaying--their geographic proximity to you. Services such as dodgeball have become hugely suc...

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Inquisitor goes web-based

Inquisitor, the Safari and Camino plug-in that brings Spotlight to searching the web, has been ported to a web-based search engine. Upon entering a search into its pleasantly minimal interface, you will be presented with a list of search recommendations and a variety of search engines to focus on, i...

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Easy iPod/PSP movies with Instant Handbrake

When it comes to turning a DVD into a movie file, Handbrake's name is hailed far and wide for its ease of use, speed and overall quality. Recently, Handbrake's developer took these praised aspects and raised the bar by releasing Instant Handbrake (beta), a one-stop, brain-dead-easy app for convertin...

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