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Hal Leonard PlayAlong has wealth of interactive sheet music

Hal Leonard PlayAlong is an interactive sheet music app that provides powerful tools for learning, playing and recording a wide variety of music. Everything from Adele to Frank Sinatra to the Frozen soundtrack is available in the integrated Sheet Music Direct store. Plus, once you have your music...

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The Artiphon Instrument 1 uses an iPhone, Engadget tries it out

Artiphon unveiled its Instrument 1 late last year when it released teaser images that hit the internet like wildfire. Now that the multi-instrument device is nearing launch, the company has given Engadget a private tour of the device at NAMM 2013. Designed and made in Nashville, Tenn., the un...

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Daily iPad App: Air Harp

The Air Harp is an interesting stringed instrument. It produces breath-taking sounds, yet it's relatively easy to play. It's so easy that many elementary schools use the instrument to teach children music. If you enjoy the sound of a harp and don't want to worry about tuning the strings, you sh...

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IK Multimedia reveals iRig MIDI, SampleTank for iOS

IK Multimedia, makers of the iRig Mic, iRig for guitar, Amplitube for iOS, and many other exciting music products, has announced the iRig MIDI: a standard Core MIDI (music instrument digital interface) adapter for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The yet-to-be-released adapter will connect your...

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Guitar Hero out on iPhone now

Wait, isn't Guitar Hero out for the iPhone already? I guess it wasn't (competitor Rock Band came out months ago), but as of the keynote yesterday morning, it is now. Activision has finally released a version of the very popular music game for Apple's device, and the early reviews are pretty good. ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Bebot

I'm really happy that I've found an excuse to mention Bebot here in this space -- it might be my favorite app in the entire App Store. We've covered it before here on TUAW -- it's a musical instrument, basically, with the added bonus of having a super cute singing robot as a mascot. And I've never ...

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The Bacterial Orchestra uses the iPhone to create "viral music"

This is really wild: what you see above is an example of "viral music" -- it's part of an upcoming music festival that's taking place in Sweden, and it features a circle of iPhones that are both listening to and playing a very abstract kind of "music." Each one is picking up audio from its environme...

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Bebot turns your iPhone into the cutest instrument ever

I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an app as quickly as Bebot. Not only is it a pretty darn powerful synthesizer with an interesting touchscreen interface, but that robot. That robot! He makes you want to play something, anything, with those cute little closed robot eyes and that dashing tu...

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BeatMaker: sample studio for your iPhone or iPod Touch

Developer Intua has just announced BeatMaker, a sampler / sequencer for your iPhone / iPod Touch that allows you to record and make beats on the go. It appears to function similarly to hardware like the famed Akai MPC sampler, allowing you to create loops and beats and play them back in real time...

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