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Updated GEICO Mobile app brings you gas, lets you report glass damage

GEICO has released a new update for its handy iOS app which introduces a few new features and brings back an old one. Making its triumphant return is the "bring gas" feature for roadside assistance. It's embarrassing enough to run out of gas on the side of the road, and it's really nice to be able...

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Sprint to offer Total Equipment Protection for iPhone starting January 25

If you're a Sprint customer with an iPhone, it appears as though you'll soon get the opportunity to insure your device using the company's Total Equipment Protection program. Engadget reports that an anonymous tipster has provided internal documentation pointing to a January 25 launch date for the...

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Sprint reportedly working on iPhone warranty

According to a rumor from SprintFeed, Sprint will soon let iPhone owners purchase Total Equipment Protection coverage for their iPhone. The service plan is an alternative to AppleCare+ which must added to your iPhone within 30 days of purchase. The current TEP plans at Sprint cost US$8 per mo...

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AT&T will offer standard insurance for iPhone owners as of July 17th

According to MacRumors, iPhone owners may sign up for an Asurion Mobile Insurance plan for US$5 per month starting July 17th. The Insurance plan can be added to the handset within 30 days of purchase and may include a deductible. The documentation on AT&T's website has not been updated to i...

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To AppleCare or not to AppleCare -- that is the question

The following is a re-enactment of the mysterious and sudden failure of Megan Lavey's MacBook. It was the evening of Tuesday, July 14, 2009. Megan Lavey heads out to the movies to watch the eagerly anticipated Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince. But the excitement of the night was short lived. Upon...

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Saved from a ticket by an iPhone

A lot of days the iPhone is a big help in getting us through our lives, but it's not everyday an iPhone saves one of our readers from a world of County Sheriff hurt. TUAW reader Paul tells us he was driving on a Midwestern road covered with blowing snow. He slowed down for a car stopped on the side ...

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Insure your iPhone, because AT&T won't

Since I've owned a variety of regular mobile phones and smartphones over the last couple of years, I wasn't surprised to see fine print during the iPhone activation process which warns users that AT&T won't offer their insurance policy on Apple's darling new gadget. I've been on nearly every ...

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