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Tag: integration

Daily iPhone App: Draw Something

We've already posted about Draw Something a few times for business reasons -- the title is just blowing up the App Store, and has already overtaken all of Zynga's titles as the most popular social game app on Apple's platform. But the game, available now, is definitely worth a try as well. I've...

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Rumor: Steam looking at iOS integration

This is interesting -- according to a Steam user who got to Valve headquarters in Washington, the popular game network may be looking at extending itself out onto the iOS platform. That doesn't necessarily mean that there would be a straight-up Steam client for the iPhone and the iPad (although...

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TUAW's Daily App: Virus Strike

Virus Strike is an intriguing little puzzle game that presents a mix between Dr. Mario and line-drawing games. The idea is that you have little viruses made of various colors dropping down onto the screen, and you can draw a little path on the screen for them to fall down into. Every once in a while...

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YouTube options, iPad multitasking animation, Game Center flagging coming in iOS 4.2

9to5Mac has been digging through the brand new iOS 4.2 beta, and they've found a few new features hidden in the mix. First up, the build offers some new YouTube uploading options -- you can now choose to make your uploaded YouTube videos public, unlisted, or private upon upload. Honestly, I've ha...

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When Seesmic met Evernote

Evernote has announced Seesmic integration over on its blog -- often while reading Twitter on my iPhone, I'll see people tweeting links to videos or long pages that I just don't have the time to check out over my EDGE connection. In the past, I've favorited the tweets, but that's not an ideal solut...

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Using aliases to extend Front Row's capabilities

While Front Row's integration with iTunes and iPhoto provides a nice, seamless experience, there are times when your needs demand a not-so-integrated approach -- say, for example, if you have an external hard drive full of videos that you'd like to watch on Front Row, but don't necessarily want t...

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OpenFeint 2.0 brings social discovery to the iPhone

The Aurora Feint folks are at WWDC with the rest of the Mac development world this week, and while out there, not only are they having a party, but they sent out an announcement: OpenFeint 2.0 is out now, and it has some "social discovery" features now included. Their open platform already supported...

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MailTags 2.0 leaves beta, goes official

Scott Morrison's fantastic MailTags 2.0 is hands-down the best (and not because it is the only) plug-in that brings the wonders of tagging and iCal integration to Apple Mail. We've mentioned it plenty of times here on TUAW, and with good reason: Scott has put this new version of MailTags and its ...

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Mailplane update uses latest WebKit to enable rich text editing

Since we last mentioned Mailplane, the Gmail client that integrates with Mac OS X, it's received a series of minor updates that have fixed bugs and added a few features. The most recent update, however, has added some significant new features such as a 'Mail PDF with Mailplane' print dialog plugin...

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AppleScripts for integrating Safari, NetNewsWire, and Yojimbo - oh my!

I don't know how I missed this post at Hawk Wings a few weeks ago, but I am glad I found it at least sooner or later: Tim Gaden has been keeping a watchful eye on the Yojimbo mailing list, and he caught a set of scripts written by Dylan Damian that can take a link from either Safari or NetNewsWire, ...

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Fifty percent of 2007 cars offer iPod integration

Playlist magazine reports that about half of all new 2007 automobiles support iPod integration. Telematics Research Group calls it "the most sought after feature" for customers. This number is way up from the 12% iPod support in 2006 model year cars. You can only imagine how our Internet-addicted l...

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Unofficial builds of Thunderbird with Address Book integration

A deal-breaker for many potential Thunderbird users is its lack of integration with Mac OS X's Address Book. While we found a web-based exporting tool back in January that worked for some users, plenty of others have their reasons for sticking with Apple's digital rolodex. We've heard about unoffici...

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Solution for broken car interfaces with new iPod software

We don't know how wide-spread this problem is, but I figured if this frustrating complicatioin happened to one user, he probably isn't the only one: SecurityMonkey at the ITtoolbox Blogs posted a tragic story with a happy ending involving Apple's latest iPod software update and factory car interfac...

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Razer introduces feature-packed keyboard with iPod dock

Is that plain-jane Apple Keyboard starting to feel a little lax in the feature department? Do you find yourself wanting for, say, 10 programmable hotkeys and dedicated iTunes control keys? How does a built-in iPod dock sound, with an audio line out port for the ultimate in keyboard luxury and integ...

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BMW updates its iPod car kit

Looks like I have to trade in my BMW M5 already (and by "BMW M5," I mean "Saturn VUE"). Earlier this week at the 2006 New York Auto Show, BMW revealed an update to their iPod integration kit. According to Left Lane News, you will be able to access your iPods' playlists, artists, ...

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