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Apple comes to its senses, will re-center iOS 7 page indicators

You're welcome. All it took was my threat of a strongly worded letter to get Apple to correct the egregious wrong that it had committed in letting the iOS 7 page indicators drift aimlessly to the left. It seems that Apple's latest iOS 7 beta corrects the alignment of the tiny dots so that they ar...

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Wordpress for iOS gets a new user interface

The Wordpress app for iOS has been updated again, and it features a brand-new interface for browsing, writing and editing posts on the popular blogging platform. As you can see above, the new interface apes Facebook's "side menu" (as have a few other big apps lately), and the update also fixes s...

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Kids' iPad magazine Timbuktu rethinks in-app purchasing model

Timbuktu is an iPad magazine meant for children, and as our friends over at TechCrunch have noted, its developers recently rethought how it implements in-app purchases. The previous incarnation of Timbuktu (and most famously, Smurf Village, among others), made in-app purchases too tempting and ...

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Gmail's mobile web interface now looks just like the app

I use Gmail pretty much exclusively for my incoming email, with three or four different accounts that redirect to my always online, easily accessible, and seemingly bottomless inbox. I thought the app the company recently released with a brand-new look was pretty impressive, and apparently so d...

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Dropbox for iOS updated to version 2.0 with all-new design

Dropbox is our filesharing workhorse of choice around these parts, and the company has just updated its iOS app (for iPhone and iPad, of course) to version 2.0. The update is a big one, featuring an all-new (and "shiny," according to the release notes) design, as well as a new Photos tab, for o...

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Netflix for iOS updated with new player UI

Netflix has updated its iOS interface to run a little more smoothly and look a little nicer while playing streaming media on both the iPhone and the iPad. You can see the iPhone version above -- there are bigger buttons more clearly laid out, and the search bar itself has "more precise seeking ...

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Hands on: Apple TV software update and new UI

The next-gen Apple TV isn't alone in getting the new button-centric UI; older Apple TV models (iOS-based, not the really old OS X Apple TVs) got the new look as part of an update today, bringing the devices to system software version 5.0. It would be nice if the iOS versions on iPhone and on Apple...

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Apple updates look and feel of App Store on iOS

Apple has updated the App Store as usual today with the newest staff picks and featured apps for the week, but there's one other new touch (so to speak) on the iPhone and iPad. You can now simply swipe in the App Store's featured window to flip through pages of apps, as pointed out by AppleNApp...

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Former Apple interface expert rants on Microsoft's "Vision of the Future" video

A few weeks ago Microsoft came out with a future of productivity video proposing a very touchscreen-based future for us humans. A former human-computer interface inventor for Apple, Brett Victor, has picked apart this video in a beautifully designed "rant" on his site, essentially taking Micros...

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'Invisible' touchscreen prototype tested with iPhone

The video on the next page features a prototype for an "invisible" iPhone created by researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany. Basically, the idea is that with your iPhone in your pocket, you can hold your hand out and move your finger around on it as if you were holding your phon...

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Thunderbolt peripherals announced at NAB this week

Sure, you've got a shiny new MacBook Pro with that top-of-the-line Thunderbolt interface, but odds are that you don't have anything besides a DisplayPort adapter to plug it into yet! Worry not -- the National Association of Broadcasters is meeting in Las Vegas this week, and a few companies the...

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Pioneer demos new iPhone-powered in-dash interface

We first heard about Pioneer's AVIC in-car units back at CES earlier this year, but earlier today, the company was kind enough to drive a Land Rover up to my curb here in Los Angeles, and I checked out the system in action. The main unit, as you can see in the picture above, is a pretty standar...

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Aza Raskin shares Jef Raskin's 1981 memo on the genesis of the Macintosh

If you don't already know Jef Raskin's name, you should spend some time getting to know his work. His son, Aza Raskin, turned out to be a bit of a prodigy, eventually doing important and amazing work at Mozilla in the Labs department. Aza's latest endeavor is a company called Massive Health. His dad...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Smart Technologies' interactive whiteboards

One of the most interesting booths at last week's Macworld Expo was that of Smart Technologies, who were showing off their interactive touch surface systems. These aren't necessarily Mac-related, unfortunately -- the equipment Smart sells is just an interface, or rather a series of interfaces desig...

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Papershow for Teachers introduced at Macworld 2011

Papershow made a big splash last year at Macworld during its introduction, and since then has apparently sold fairly well in business circles (the product is now being sold in Staples as well). This year, Papershow is introducing a new edition styled for education applications, called Papershow f...

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