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Obama administration vetoes ITC import ban on older iPhones and iPads

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, on Saturday the Obama administration vetoed the US International Trade Commission's import ban on older models of Apple's iPads and iPhones. The ITC ordered the ban after it found the Apple devices infringed a Samsung patent. The ban, had it been enforced, w...

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ITC awards victory to Apple in Motorola patent case

Apple won another round yesterday in a patent suit brought by Motorola Mobility against the Cupertino company. Motorola had complained to the International Trade Commission (ITC) about Apple's use of a proximity sensor in all versions of the iPhone, stating that it owned that patent. ITC Judge ...

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US International Trade Commission to investigate Motorola claims against Apple

The US International Trade Commission announced on Tuesday that it will look into Motorola's claim that Apple is infringing on patents that cover messaging notifications, location-based reminders, media playback and more. According to a Computerworld report, the ITC will assign the case to an a...

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FTC urges ITC not to ban iPhone, iPad and Xbox

The Federal Trade Commission took on the growing problem of injunctions in a letter addressed to the US International Trade Commission, according to a report by CNET. The letter was meant to dissuade the federal agency from approving import bans in patent and trademark infringement cases that i...

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Apple wins partial victory in HTC suit

The International Trade Commission has finally made a ruling in the Apple vs. HTC case, and Apple has won ... mostly. The commission ruled that HTC did actually violate one part of an Apple patent in making its Android phones, and that those phones would not be allowed for sale in the US. But...

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ITC rules Apple didn't violate S3 Graphics' patents

According to the FOSS Patents Blog, earlier today the US International Trade Commission entirely dismissed the first S3 Graphics complaint against Apple. Interestingly, the official notice (PDF link) has no explanation why the Administrative Law Judge was overruled. There is still one pending com...

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Apple looking to block sale of HTC devices with patent complaint

Apple has filed a second patent infringement complaint against Android handset maker HTC. The details on this second complaint are not yet available to the public so the patents at dispute are unknown. An earlier ITC complaint filed in March focused on patents for the iPhone UI, hardware and ar...

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Samsung files ITC complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple's legal battle over trademark and patent infringement continues to heat up. The latest salvo was fired by Samsung which lodged a complaint with the ITC asking for a ban on the import of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The court has up to 18 months to make a decision on this request. ...

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ITC rules in favor of HTC and Nokia in Apple infringement case

The ITC weighed in on the infringement complaint Apple filed against HTC and Nokia and decided the two handset manufacturers are not liable for infringing on Apple's patents. In the Monday hearing, Apple accused HTC of infringing on five Apple patents that focus on the "seamless integration of ...

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