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Rdio launches free service on iOS, Android

The streaming internet radio battles continue with an announcement today by Rdio that it has launched a free internet radio service in the US, Canada and Australia today. Rdio recently inked a deal with radio station owner Cumulus Media, which will start bearing fruit with the new service, as Rdio...

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Daily iPhone App: Radium for iOS is a delight for radio fans

I love the radio. Not internet radio, that awkward bastardization of the format bleating out unending playlists without human interaction. No, I mean actual turn-the-dial-and-find-a-voice radio. If you want news, music or just the sound of someone you disagree with talking about sports or politics, ...

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Big names -- McDonald's, Pepsi, Nissan, Proctor & Gamble -- sign on for iTunes Radio ads

With iTunes Radio set to hit the ground running once Apple releases iOS 7 to the masses sometime this fall, Apple has been busy signing up number of big-name advertisers to help bankroll the company's first foray into internet radio. According to AdAge, some of the advertisers already on board th...

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Radical.FM launches free, user-supported digital streaming radio for iPhone

Streaming radio services are pretty common for iPhone; with the release of iOS 7, for example, iPhone users will have access to iRadio, Apple's own streaming radio service. Also in existence at this time are Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and others. Now a new streaming service, Radical.FM, is arrivi...

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Daily Mac App: Pandoras Box

I enjoy integrating Pandora into my music rotation along with my iTunes library and Spotify, but doing so on the desktop either means keeping another web browser window up or downloading Pandora's desktop client for OS X. Pandoras Box does a good job in condensing the service down to a menu bar...

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TUAW Tips: Play internet radio in background on your iPad

Those of us who love to stream internet radio on our iPads can quickly turn into ogres when we switch to another app and the music stops. Until the iPad supports iOS 4 (soon) we're stuck with no background capability, which makes background streaming impossible.The folks over at FairerPlatform have ...

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Radio Gaga, music lovers' new best friend

Would you like to simultaneously record multiple Internet radio stations and rapidly increase the size of your iTunes library? Allow me to introduce Radio Gaga. It's essentially Snowtape on steroids, capable of recording dozens of stations simultaneously. Of course, it's great for just listening to ...

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Pocket Tunes plays sweet music

What! Another internet radio player for the iPhone? Yes, Pocket Tunes [App store link] does play internet radio in a pretty crowded field of similar iPhone/touch apps, but this little player has some unique attributes. Pocket Tunes, which is also available for Windows Mobile and Palm phones, has ex...

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Pandora may pull the plug on itself

The Washington Post is reporting that Pandora, the Internet radio station available on Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch, may be shutting down service soon. The reason is that Sound Exchange, the money-grubbing blackmailers royalties collection arm affiliated with the Recording Industry Association of Ame...

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Apple TV offers limited internet radio support

Apple TV Source notes that the latest 2.0.2 update makes internet radio work a little better with the Apple TV. Basically you can play internet radio streams on the Apple TV if you have it synced to an iTunes computer with a playlist containing the streams. Before the update the source computer had...

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College radio stations in iTunes

How I miss the days of Ramen noodles, sleepless nights and self-indulgent college rock. If you're like me, check out the updated "College Radio" section of iTunes. Just click the radio icon in the sidebar (not the iTunes Store) to reveal the College Radio section (it bore a beta tag until I checked ...

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