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TUAW's Daily App: Seconds

I've been getting more and more into running lately, and while I've been tending towards long distance running, one of the best ways to beef up your running expertise is by doing what's called HIIT -- high intensity interval training. You sprint at a certain speed for a period of a few minutes in le...

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Ultratimer: a must-have for interval training

While Plain and Simple Software's UltraTimer [iTunes link] can't do your workout for you, it'll certainly provide you some guidance to help you follow your workout. Let's face it. Working out is hard, and can sometimes get boring -- very boring. Especially when spending half an hour or more on the ...

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Count The beats: Training your ear with RelativePitch

Relative pitch, let alone perfect pitch (some people are born with it, everyone else has to learn!) is an invaluable skill required when it comes to playing an instrument and understanding the music you are hearing. Thankfully, Easy Ear Training has developed a nifty little app to help you along wit...

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Hands-on (and feet-on) with RunKeeper Pro

The $9.99 pro version of RunKeeper [iTunes link] serves as a nice alternative to Nike+, especially for the interval-training minded runner. While the Nike+ kit serves a means to an end for many runners, it may not suit everybody's needs. There's the additional cost of the transmitter and receiver (U...

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