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Carriers: iPhone 5s inventory on Friday will be low

AllThingsD blogger Ina Fried is reporting that sources at multiple US mobile carriers are giving her the word that the inventory of the iPhone 5s will be surprisingly low on Friday, September 20. One carrier source even went so far as to say that, "We will have grotesquely unavailable inventory." ...

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iPhone 5 ship times improve to 2-4 business days

Apple's inventory of the iPhone 5 is improving with ship times jumping from one week to two to four days. These shortened delivery estimates were first spotted in Apple's Australia and New Zealand stores. These are some of the shortest ship times for the handset since it launched in late Sept...

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Initial stock of fourth-generation iPads now at 1 week for all models

Days after exhausting the initial supplies of the iPad mini, the online Apple Store is showing that all models of the WiFi fourth-generation iPad have a one-week shipping time. If you were hoping to have your hands on one this Friday, you'll have to wait in line at an Apple Store for it. Cell...

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iPad mini ship times at 2 weeks for all WiFi models

You are now out of luck if you want to order an iPad mini from the comfort of your home and receive it on Friday. As of Monday morning, ship times for all models of the WiFi iPad mini have slipped to two weeks. Pre-orders for the mini tablet started on Friday and the white models sold out wit...

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Apple's components spending increasing dramatically

Statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer during the recent 3Q 2012 earnings call are beginning to make sense in light of news from AllThingsD's John Paczkowski that shows that Apple's prepayments for inventory components are ramping up in a big way. The Apple executive...

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iPad online shipping times drop to one week

Apple's inventory of the new iPad is holding up well, especially in the US. Unlike the iPad 2 which faced shortages when it launched, the new iPad is readily available. Most US retail stores have at least one model of the iPad in stock and the online store is steadily improving shipment times. ...

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New iPad's online availability improves

Apple's done a fantastic job meeting demand for the third generation iPad. The company sold three million units in the first launch weekend and still has inventory in stores. As SlashGear noticed, it also narrowed the estimated shipping time from two to three weeks down to one to two weeks. Thi...

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Rumor: Best Buy inventory system cites March 11 in-stock date for "iPad 3" accessories

To echo the New Yorker's line about musicians and nightclub owners, Apple authorized retailers lead complicated lives. Big-box chains like Target and Walmart have to plan distribution and promotions weeks or months in advance, but with Apple's notoriously tight-lipped ways regarding new products, ...

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Apple removes shipping times for many online items

Apple's online storefront includes shipping times that give prospective customers an idea of how long they'll have to wait before an item arrives on their front door. Many Apple products no longer have an estimated ship date and are labeled as being "In Stock". The only products with a ship dat...

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Original iPads still selling well

The second generation iPad has sold amazingly well for Apple since its launch in early March. The tablet device is difficult to find in retail stores, and Apple's online storefront offers the iPad 2 with a 4-5 week ship time. Also riding this wave of success is the original iPad, whose supply w...

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Apple re-working iPad 2 inventory shipments strategy

Apple is apparently trying to slow down the iPad 2 madness. A new report from AppleInsider claims that the company has instituted a new policy with iPad 2 shipments, requiring stores to keep received iPad 2 units in store for up to a day before actually releasing them for sale. That actually ma...

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Apple expected to ship 6.5 million iPads in Q1 2011

Digitimes is reporting that, according to an iPad supply chain source, Apple intends to ship 6 to 6.5 million iPads in the first quarter of 2011 (ending at the end of March). According to the source, 300,000 to 400,000 of those will be iPad 2s. Digitimes' source also points out that Apple had...

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iPod Classic stock low, prompts refresh rumors

AppleBitch picked up a tip that the shipping times are getting pretty long for the iPod Classic and that many Apple retailers are simply out of stock. Since the iPod Classic hasn't been updated since fall 2009, we're now seeing speculation that the iPod Classic might be due for a refresh soon. Hardm...

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Could the Mac App Store eliminate boxed software inventory?

Blogger Arnold Kim over at MacRumors published an interesting conjecture today -- that Apple is planning on eliminating the space-consuming inventory of boxed software at Apple Stores through an emphasis on purchasing apps through the Mac App Store. The post provides compelling evidence of proof of ...

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White iPhone 4 seen in German inventory system

The good folks at Engadget have received pictures of what purports to be the inventory listing for Vodaphone in Germany, and in there you can see an entry for an iPhone 4 "weiß," which you don't have to have taken high school German to realize means white. That's right, the legendary white iP...

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