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Rumor: Best Buy inventory system cites March 11 in-stock date for "iPad 3" accessories

To echo the New Yorker's line about musicians and nightclub owners, Apple authorized retailers lead complicated lives. Big-box chains like Target and Walmart have to plan distribution and promotions weeks or months in advance, but with Apple's notoriously tight-lipped ways regarding new products, ...

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Invisible Shield now available for the iPhone

Since picking up my iPhone a week ago (has it been a week already?), I've lived in fear of that first scratch. How long will I be able to put it off? I carry my iPhone around like a newborn. That's silly, of course. The iPhone is a tool and should be treated as such. To ease my mind, I ordered an In...

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MacBook Invisble Shield reviewed

Paul Stamatiou has a MacBook and he is concerned about the possibility of discoloration. What's a geek to do? Why, apply ShieldZone's Invisible Shield plastic protector, that's what. Paul says that applying the shield isn't easy, but it isn't hard either (how's that for a review?) though an extra se...

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