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TUAW has 1000 Skitch invites to give away!

[Update 2: The invite window is now closed! Thanks for participating everyone, invites should be sent out soon! [Update: The plasq folks have informed us that the response to this invite offer has been absolutely amazing; well over 1000 requests. The good news? They have agreed to send invites ou...

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MacHeist registration open to TUAW readers for 24 hours

We started out with 25 MacHeist invites for you TUAW readers, but we were quickly blown away by the sheer landslide of interest (over 800 requests and still counting) in this latest Mac software event from the minds behind My Dream App. Since things simply became too difficult for us to manage, Phil...

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Update on the TUAW MacHeist invites

By now, the overwhelming numbers of you who signed up for a MacHeist invite have noticed you haven't received them yet. To be entirely honest, we weren't expecting over 800 replies, as our original bounty from the good folk behind MacHeist (and MyDreamApp) was 25 invites, which was promptly raised t...

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MacHeist has begun, TUAW has 250 invites to give away

MacHeist, the next software marketing brainchild of Phill Ryu (you might know him from such events as My Dream App), has begun. As you'll remember, it's an invite-only event (though you can try signing up to snag your own), and I have just received the first mission. Due to its top secret nature, my...

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Even more supposed invites to the Feb. 22nd event

Though I must admit that this one, and the one after the jump, look much more legitimate than the Airport version. However, let me be clear that we don't even know if there will be an event on February 22nd (I've emailed Apple about it, but they haven't gotten back to me). The slogan on this suppos...

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