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Tag: invoicing

Online invoicing service WePay releases iPhone app

WePay is an online payments startup with a different mission -- allowing small businesses to send invoices and collect payments. The company has announced the availability of a free iOS app to give WePay customers the ability to invoice clients and charge their credit cards from virtually anywher...

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FreshBooks releases iPad app

Do you charge by the hour for your services? If so, you may already know about FreshBooks, the cloud accounting service. In late August the company released an iPhone app for on-the-go entry of billing and accounting information; now the FreshBooks app has become iPad friendly as a universal re...

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Billings Touch hits the App Store

We mentioned its imminent arrival a few days back, and now it's here: Billings Touch [iTunes link] hit the App Store last night (Free, $15 in-app upgrade for full functionality). It's packed with time and expense tracking features, client management, invoicing, and other necessities of the freelance...

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Billings 3.5 paves the way for Billings Touch

Billings, my personal favorite time-tracking, estimating and invoicing application has just updated to version 3.5. The developers, Marketcircle, are labeling it the "Trojan" release due to its mostly-under-the-hood improvements. Under the hood, but not insignificant. The major changes are related t...

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Resolve to keep better track of client billing in 2010 with Time Keeper!

For self-employed consultants and anyone else who charges clients by the hour for their services, keeping accurate track of the time worked on various projects is critical. Time Keeper! [$2.99, iTunes Link] from Netwalk is the newest in a genre of iPhone / iPod touch apps that serve as pocketable bi...

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Billings 3 prices reduced until November 30th

Marketcircle, the company behind Billings (which I mentioned in some depth recently), knows that a freelancer (or small business) needs every advantage they can get to survive in this economy. Sympathetic to the plight of the individuals on "Main Street," they're offering Billings 3 for $20 off the ...

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Billings 3: new features for professional time tracking and invoicing

Marketcircle just released version 3 of Billings last week, greatly expanding the functionality of the time-tracking and invoicing application. One of the major reasons I've chosen Billings in the past for my invoicing is the professional-looking documents it can create for electronic and paper deli...

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Invoicing made easy with GrandTotal

If you own and run a small business, part of your work involves creating and sending invoices to clients. For many Mac users, invoices are created in Word, Excel, Numbers, or some other application that really isn't designed for that purpose. Media Atelier might have an answer in their new Leopard-...

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iRatchet - invoicing and billing

The billing and invoicing shareware space sure is heating up lately, what with iBiz (my personal favorite), Billable and now iRatchet from Pretty Good Software. It has a nice array of features, including the typical Address Book, iCal and Spotlight integration, as well as mileage tracking, "robust...

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iBiz beta 3 available

I just noticed that my favorite freelancing app, iBiz, is now in a v3 beta phase. At first glance the most notable change is that brushed metal has been given the pink slip, but there is a veritable storm of new features under the hood, including: a Document Monitor so iBiz can keep track of pr...

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