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AgileTortoise updates Drafts, introduces iPad version

AgileTortoise's popular Drafts app receives a welcome update today as it enters version 2.0 for iPhone. Drafts for iPad is also available. Adding sync features through Simperium, an iCloud alternative, Drafts will be able to move data across platforms and pick up from where users last left of...

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Twenty iPad apps you'll want to see

The App Store is live and running with iPad apps right now -- you can download and buy any iPad apps you want, even though most of them are technically "embargoed" until tomorrow morning. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there, but we'll try to focus you as best we can. Here's twenty apps that yo...

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Adobe announces CS5 release date, second beta of Lightroom 3

Adobe has put up a counter, and announced a launch event for the release of Adobe Creative Suite 5 on April 12 at 11am EDT. Though little is known about the features of CS5, Adobe had previously announced that it will give Flash CS5 the features to allow devs to build Flash-based applications and...

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iPhone devsugar: The need for multiple ipa delivery

App Store clutter remains an ongoing issue. In addition to "business card" applications that offer little or no functionality beyond a simple web page[1], there are lite editions, demo editions, full editions, and even in the case of Tweetie 2, completely new applications providing upgraded function...

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Turn your Flash into iPhone apps with Flash Professional CS5

So there's still no Flash in Safari, but once Adobe hatches Flash Professional CS5 you'll be able to port your wacky Flash games or animations out to real, live iPhone/iPod touch apps. Yep, ActionScript 3 nerds rejoice: that tasty App Store pie will soon be yours, never minding the whole plug-in deb...

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