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Exclusive photos from iPhone 4 launch in China, new Beijing Apple Store

Our favorite blogger in China, Maik Lutze of SuddenlyBeijing.com, has provided TUAW with exclusive photos from the official Chinese iPhone 4 launch this morning (9/25). Not only were there lines for the iPhone 4, but there was a new Apple Store being opened in Beijing at Xidan's Joy City today, so ...

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Interview with Map My Run's CEO Robin Thurston

Earlier today we caught up with Map My Run's CEO Robin Thurston at the Cherry Creek Apple Store while waiting to buy an iPhone 4. He was gracious enough to chat with us for a few minutes about his company, his apps and the company's plans for iOS 4. Map My Run lets users track their workouts....

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iPhone 4 launch: Updates from iPhone 4 lineups

Customers are lined up across the country and sending reports and photos to our @ask_tuaw Twitter stream. Here are a few of the more interesting tidbits we've received. Standing in line As we predicted, the iPhone 4 lines are typically much longer than the iPad lineups were. The Garden State P...

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Woz gives kid a ride to overnight iPhone line

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: You gotta love Woz. Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak is well known for making himself extremely accessible to his fans and admirers. We're sure he can get his hands on any gizmo he wants. Despite this, he waits in lines and hangs out with fellow App...

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iPhone 4 launch: Line photos from Charlotte, NC

Reader David Platt is waiting in line for an iPhone 4 like so many others this morning. He sent in some photos from the South Park Apple Store in Charlotte, North Carolina. David tells us that he arrived in line at 5:30 AM and found "...a little under 1,000 people in line." Wow. When you lo...

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iPhone 4 lineup starts in Texas

Don't mess with Texas. Especially Dallas resident Justin Wagoner. He's the first in line for an iPhone 4 at Apple Store Knox Street. For those of you who just glanced at your calendar, you're right. He's a week early. Calling himself "...a very determined fan," Justin has been posting about his r...

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