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Tag: iphone 6

Corning thinks sapphire displays are trash

With the rumor mills whipping up a storm around some alleged sapphire displays for the next iPhone(s), you can imagine that Corning -- the company that makes the Gorilla Glass displays Apple has been using for a while now -- is a bit nervous. As you might expect, Corning's opinion of the new...

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Are you kidding me? House painter giving away "iPhone 6"

As an Apple blogger, I'm used to seeing stupid concept drawings and videos for alleged future Apple products. Every day, the TUAW inbox is stuffed with new ideas on what the next iPhone or iPad or iWatch could look like, and there are even other websites we won't name who seem to make a living...

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It's way too easy to fake a photo of a "new" iPhone

There have been a whole lot of supposedly leaked photos of the mythical 4.7-inch iPhone 6 lately -- or at least bits and pieces of it. A production mold pops up here and a front panel shows up there, and the Internet eats it up because, hey, it's photographic evidence, right? The already grainy...

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Apparently everything about the iPhone 6 is already known

Well, that's it, everyone! According to this BGR story, there's nothing left to know about the iPhone 6; we have all the information already. Wait, no we don't. The "insider" mentioned in the headline is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst with KGI Securities. Granted, Kuo has had some...

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This iPhone 6 rumor is a special kind of stupid

Apple rumors usually fall into one of three categories: Believable, unbelievable, and ridiculous. A recent claim from International Business Times is making a strong case for a fourth, even less plausible designation. According to the IBT, Apple's next iPhone is definitely going to come with a...

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Why would Apple announce the iPhone 6 in June?

I was reading something today, which is a thing that I do from time to time, and this particular something happened to be on 24/7 Wall St. It was the rumor du jour that Apple just placed an order for 90 million units of the new iPhone. Neato! I mean, totally unverifiable, but neato anyway! As I...

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Do you really want a thinner iPhone?

The iPhone has always been relatively thin; The thickest any iPhone has ever gotten was the 12.3 mm heft of the iPhone 3G/3Gs. The iPhone 5 is of course much thinner than that, measuring just 7.6 mm in depth. Apple has kind of made it their "thing" to produce new versions of its mobile devices...

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How to photograph a leaked Apple product

So you got your hands on an unreleased Apple product -- maybe even a prototype (oooooooh, yummy) -- and you want to let the whole damn world know about it? Good news! There's a tool that people like you often use to share their good fortune with the rest of the world, and it's called "The...

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Rumor Roundup: Broken resolution

The linkbait and breathless re-posting of poorly-sourced nonsense continues apace, with at least two articles claiming to have knowledge (and photos!) of a phone that probably isn't even being built in factories yet. New iPhone 6 details possibly revealed! (BGR) A South Korean publication claims...

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iPhone 6 concept with wrap-around screen has no basis in reality, but it's still gorgeous

We've seen plenty of unsourced chatter about a future iPhone with an edge-to-edge display, but this video from YouTuber ConceptsiPhone pushes things over the edge -- literally. With a screen that bends a cool 90 degrees at the edge, it's one of the user designs least likely to ever actually claw...

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2012 iPhone rumored to feature new charging method

The Wall Street Journal has served up another batch of iPhone rumors after its (ahem) daring claim earlier that the next iPhone will be "thinner and lighter" than the iPhone 4. While the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) is rumored to feature an eight-megapixel camera and will almost certainly have the...

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Apple reportedly selects Sharp for next-gen LCDs

The iPhone 5 hasn't even made it into the hands of the Apple faithful, and already we're hearing hints of what the display of the iPhone 6 could be like. Apple has chosen Sharp to supply low-temperature poly-silicon (p-Si) LCDs for the displays, and the Japanese manufacturer will reportedly...

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