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The WWDC 2010 Keynote metaliveblog

For many of the Apple faithful, the keynote addresses at WWDC are like Christmas Day -- there's always something new and shiny under the Apple tree, even if we in the blogging profession have already peeked inside some of the packages. Join a cast of TUAW bloggers in a "metaliveblog" of today's W...

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Is AT&T moving up your iPhone upgrade date?

In anticipation of a new iPhone coming out soon, I visited my online AT&T account information last week to see when I'd be available for an upgrade. As of last Wednesday, the upgrade page showed that I'd be available for a new phone upgrade on 9/21/2010. This morning we received a tip from T...

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One of tomorrow's announcements? iPhone HD (Update - it's a fake)

Pursuitist claimed to have photos from a "European insider at TBWA/Chiat/Day," the advertising agency for Apple worldwide. We'll send you to Pursuitist to view the photos in deference to their find, but we are showing you a photo (above) snapped inside of Moscone Center that displays the iPhone HD. ...

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Determining civil and criminal liability for the lost iPhone

Editor's Note: One of the advantages of having an attorney on the TUAW team is the opportunity for this sort of deep-dive legal analysis. We asked Lauren to dig into the circumstances and statutes around the case of the mystery iPhone, and she obliged. While Lauren is a real lawyer, she's not you...

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