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Matias Slim One keyboard at CES

Yesterday I got a chance to chat with Steve McGowan of the Matias Corporation about one of their new products, the Slim One Keyboard. It's a fabulous idea, really: Take the form factor of the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and give it a button in the top right that says "iPhone". You've got your iPho...

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QWERTY case adds slide-out keyboard to your iPhone

Love that new iPhone you got for Christmas, but miss the full QWERTY keyboard from your old BlackBerry? Feel like the iPhone should be a lot bigger than it is? You're in luck -- Boxwave has released their Keyboard Buddy Case, which is both, ... well, a slide-out keyboard and a case for your iPhone. ...

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Another hardware keyboard solution for iPhone

There are many iPhone detractors who still won't let go of the fact that the iPhone doesn't have a physical keyboard. Whether it's because the on-screen keyboard is too difficult to use, or the move away from "the norm" is too jarring, it's what holds back many from making the switch or from liking ...

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TUAW Tip: iPhone "Will" Contractions

I kept running into this: I wanted to type contractions like "he'll" or "we'll," but they were a hassle: without the apostrophe, they're both words on their own, so the keyboard software wouldn't recommend the contraction. I'd have to click the punctuation button, then hit the apostrophe to form the...

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