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The 12-hour iPhone app

Gizmodo has an interesting story from David Quinlan, a coder who decided to sit down over a weekend with a few friends to crank out an iPhone app. It's an excellent read, not only for the little quirks and tips about organizing a collaborative project very quickly (they sketch out features and then...

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CNN: Our iPhone app is "not a hobby"

CNN chatted with our good friends at DLS about the news network's iPhone app (scheduled to hit an App Store near you very soon), and it actually sounds pretty premium: in-app video, breaking news live video streaming, a Coverflow-style way to browse news information, the ability to store news to re...

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AMBER Alert appmaker not happy with submission process

Jonathan Zdziarski, who has appeared on this pages before for other iPhone-related hijinx, has written an open letter to Apple about the AMBER Alert iPhone app he's written. Apparently he's worked in conjunction with government agencies to set up an iPhone app that can easily and quickly send sighti...

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12seconds, Animoto release iPhone apps for video slideshows

12seconds.tv is a site that started up a little while ago that seems to be aiming at a "Twitter-for-video" kind of idea -- you upload just twelve seconds of video, whether that's you saying something, video of a short scene, or whatever else you want. The site was in alpha but has recently opened up...

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Financial site Mint.com releases iPhone app

I've been using Mint.com (not to be confused with Shawn Inman's great Mint web stats tracker) to track my financial information for a while now. It's very nice -- completely free, and hooks right into your bank accounts, investments, or other financial accounts online (securely, of course -- they've...

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Exposure: two billion photos, in your pocket

Connected Flow, the company behind my favorite iPhoto plugin: FlickrExport, has just posted some information about a brand new app made just for the iPhone: Exposure. Exposure is a Flickr browsing client that makes it easy to see what folks are up to on Flickr. Browse your own photos, your contacts,...

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