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iPad SDK allows you to take photos and other insights

Turns out a camera in the iPad may have been closer than we thought -- Engadget has been diving into the SDK released yesterday (NDAs be darned, I guess?) and discovered that the ability to "Take Photo" is still hidden in the iPad's code. Of course, the device doesn't actually have a camera, but th...

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For sale on eBay: One iPhone development business, batteries not included

Want an iPhone app business without all the boring hassle of actually programming and releasing iPhone apps? Boy, does Brice Milliorn have a deal for you! He's auctioning off his iPhone app business, which he says has 87 different apps for sale, over on eBay. Milliorn says he started out develop...

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Chilli X has birthday - everyone gets presents, but no cake

If you look under your seats, you'll find a bevy of free iPhone apps. That's right ... you get an app, you get an app, everybody gets an app (or 16)! We've mentioned Chilli X a few times, and I've developed a fondness for their collection of sleek, simple iPhone apps with great-looking interfaces...

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Push pulled from latest iPhone firmware beta

AppleInsider says that Apple has yanked the Push notification framework from the latest version of the iPhone 2.1 firmware beta. Push got a lot of play during WWDC -- it's a service that will send information to the apps on your iPhone as needed (tweets, for example, will just come rather than havin...

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Did Web-only development fail the iPhone?

A thoughtful post over at FactoryJoe.com asks whether the Web failed the iPhone. Apple's initial decision to support only Web 2.0 third-party apps on the iPhone gave the web-based community a huge shot of creativity and incentive to see how far they could push the iPhone and Safari in terms of deliv...

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TUAW Interview: Inco, simple sysadmin from your iPhone

The dream of remote system management from your handheld device -- like Dick Tracy's wrist radio, but for geeks -- has long enticed IT professionals. Who wouldn't rather be at the beach or the ballgame instead of chained to a laptop and network access in case something goes wrong? There are already ...

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