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iPhone programming 101: full header documentation released

With a few months yet to go before the official, blessed, sanctified Apple SDK for iPhone makes an appearance, all TUAW readers know there's already a thriving community of iPhone developers coding away with glee and gusto. Getting into iPhone programming has been complicated, though, not only by th...

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Apple: "we plan to have an iPhone SDK in developers' hands in February"

That's right folks. You read it correctly. Cats & dogs are living together, and in other news Steve Jobs has, via Apple's 'Hot News' page, announced that Apple will, FINALLY, support third-party development of native applications for the iPhone. The SDK will arrive, for iPhone and iPod touch (!...

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Liveblogging the big iPhone 1.1.1 hack

Last night, iPhone hackers "dinopio" and "Edgan" brought 1.1.1 hacking into a new arena. By using symbolic links before doing a 1.1.1 upgrade, they were able to gain access to the entire 1.1.1 file tree. Today, I'll be liveblogging my attempt to duplicate their hack. So sit back and reload as I put ...

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