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Google responds to Apple lawsuit against HTC

There's one more player in the ongoing the Apple/HTC lawsuit announced the other day. It's Google, which yesterday admitted that it wasn't a party to the lawsuit, but that it would "stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it." Lots of analysts and ...

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Report: iPhone is number three smartphone platform worldwide

(Chart by Apple Insider) A new Gartner report puts the iPhone at number three on the list of smartphone platforms in use worldwide, right behind Nokia's Symbian OS and the RIM software used in Blackberry devices. More importantly, the report has Apple's device gaining market share -- its unit share...

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Giant iPhone video is cool, but quite fake

This video is making the rounds lately -- on first glance, it looks someone running the iPhone OS on a Mac Pro with a 24" multitouch monitor. As you can see, everything more or less works as you'd expect, and therein lies the rub: anyone who's looked at it with a critical eye, including our friend ...

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Streaming iPhone via bluetooth in the car

When all of those iPhone 3.0 features were first announced, one of the features that stuck out most to me was the incoming A2DP ability -- the new iPhone OS will let you stream out music to a Bluetooth source, like headphones... or your car. And over at Cars.com, the guys got their hands on a Toyota...

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