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The iPillow is cheaper than an iPhone, cuddles better, still no Flash

There's something about Apple's products that just makes people want to cuddle them -- we've talked about lots and lots (and lots) of Apple products turned into pillow form. Here's another: Drew Olanoff's (from Blame Drew's Cancer) mother made this iPhone pillow for him while he was recovering from...

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PC Mag rounds up the weirdest iPod Accessories ever

Jen DeLeo over at PC Magazine has posted a Top 10 Weirdest iPod Accessories roundup. While we all know that "weird" is in the eye of the beholder, I do agree with many of her picks. The list includes such classics as the PodDress, the TuneBuckle the Power Pouch, the Tavo "Made for Click Wheel" Golve...

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iPillow: squishiness* for iPod cuddling

When I think of battery powered speakers for the iPod I usually picture a white plastic molded dock-type accessory, but apparently there is a market for cuddlier options. One such example is Brookstone's iPillow Portable MP3 Speakers (pictured here with a Creative MP3 player but compatible via mini ...

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