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Microsoft updates Bing iOS apps with fresh look and translations

Microsoft continues its make nice to Apple with a solid update to the Bing Search app for iOS. There are separate versions for the iPad and iPhone. The GUI has been slightly reworked, and the biggest feature is a translation option for any content you have brought up with Bing. You can set a languag...

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AudioFlood's waterproof iPod is a swimmer's music dream come true

Swimming in an incredible form of exercises, especially as you age, but there's one problem for people like myself who use exercise time to work through podcasts and records you'd like to check out. Namely, it's really difficult to listen to music underwater. Thankfully for the sound obsessed swi...

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Apple emerges victorious in iPod antitrust lawsuit

Less than 24 hours after closing arguments were presented in Apple's iPod antitrust lawsuit, a jury ruled that Apple did not violate any antitrust laws when it took proactive measures to prevent songs downloaded from competing music services from being playable on the iPod. The jury's verdict...

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Former iTunes engineer testifies: iTunes updates were designed to "block 100% of non-iTunes clients"

This past Friday, as part of Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust lawsuit, former Apple engineer Rod Schultz took the stand and testified about Apple's efforts to prevent the iPod from playing music files downloaded from from competing services. The Wall Street journal reports: A former iTunes engi...

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Flickr Find: A real classic

With all the brouhaha surrounding Apple's iPod class action lawsuit making headlines this week, it's only fitting this week's Flickr Find is a lovely picture of a once forgotten, now revived iPod owned by Cole Camplese As pointed out by Cole, the best part about reviving an older device is redisc...

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Boston ice dancer selected as new plaintiff in iPod class action lawsuit

A 65-year-old amateur ice dancer is the new plaintiff in the class action lawsuit filed against Apple, reports the Wall Street Journal. Barbara Bennet was flown into Oakland California and appeared in U.S. District Court on Tuesday. Following interviews with attorneys for both sides, Judge Yvonne ...

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Apple iPod class action trial to continue temporarily without a plaintiff

Apple's iPod class action lawsuit will be allowed to continue without a plaintiff, reports the Associated Press. The suit took an unusual turn this week when all existing plaintiffs were disqualified for not owning an iPod covered by the suit. The last remaining plaintiff, Marianna Rosen, was dis...

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Music Center lets you select music from your lock screen or any app

Music Center (free) is a very cool little app that lets you see your iOS music library from your lock screen or inside any app. It's a notification center widget, and it works quite well. You load the app, and you can select lists by song, album, artist, and playlists. Then go to your Today noti...

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FastCustomer can help get you out of customer service hell

FastCustomer is a free iOS app that has been around for awhile, but just got a recent update. The app has a list of 3,000 frequently called companies and can break through the endless phone trees and frustration of being on hold for customer service. The app is simple to use. Select a company you...

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In videotaped deposition, Steve Jobs talks DRM and dealing with record labels

Six months before he passed away, Steve Jobs sat down for a videotaped deposition to answer questions connected to Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Apple improperly enacted measures to render songs downloaded from competing music services unplayable o...

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Mel's 2014 holiday gift ideas

My assignment: Suggest gifts for family, friends and even yourself. My list is things I use and adore, or things I want to buy. I'll offer some thoughts on hardware and software. Let's get right to it. Prop 'n Go iPad stand I bought a new iPad Air 2 this year, and it's a joy. But the Apple...

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Eddy Cue testifies: Apple once contemplated licensing its Fairplay DRM to competitors

With Apple's iPod class action lawsuit underway, Apple executive Eddy Cue took to the stand today and testified about Apple's implementation of DRM on iTunes music files back in the mid-2000s. Recall that the current suit alleges that Apple actively took measures to prevent songs purchased from ...

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Wickr adds a Mac client to its free ultra-secure messaging family

I took a look at Wickr for iOS more than a year ago. It offered free and extremely secure messaging between others with the Wickr app. At the time of the review, I longed for a Mac client, and now one has just been released. It has all the features of the Wickr iOS app, and there now are apps for ...

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Lawyer: Apple secretly deleted rival's music files from consumer iPods

Arguing for consumers in a class action iPod lawsuit against Apple, Attorney Patrick Coughlin accused the Cupertino company of deliberately deleting music files downloaded from competing music services. These files were removed from customer's iPods without their knowledge or consent between 2007 ...

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Connecting dots can be futile with Dots Connector Free

I usually enjoy games which require strategy, problem-solving, and mental exercise. I hate the vapid passivity which our technologically-glutted culture appears to aid and abet. I also deeply appreciate app creators' attempts to be thoughtful, careful planners who finely tune their creations to ...

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