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iGlove Multi iPod gloves

We've mentioned the Tavo iPod gloves before, but if you want something a little bulkier - and warmer, from the looks of them, check out the iGlove Multi from Marmot. The iGlove Multi (we're really not sure what the "multi" is supposed to mean) is a pair of fleece gloves that are "Click Wheel compati...

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PC Mag rounds up the weirdest iPod Accessories ever

Jen DeLeo over at PC Magazine has posted a Top 10 Weirdest iPod Accessories roundup. While we all know that "weird" is in the eye of the beholder, I do agree with many of her picks. The list includes such classics as the PodDress, the TuneBuckle the Power Pouch, the Tavo "Made for Click Wheel" Golve...

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iPod Gloves

Just yesterday morning I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't control the dial on my iPod through my nice cashmere-lined, leather gloves which keep my mitts warm during the winter commute. Today, I log in to the Internets, and the Internets provides a solution: iPod gloves. They're ugly and much m...

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