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Some things we may not see again from Apple

Conan O'Brien once had a recurring segment on Late Night called "Guests We Won't Have Back," during which he would look back at guests (who were fake) that he regretted having on the show. There was bug expert Sara Wiggins, who ate a live beetle in front of the camera. And there was wine expert Cha...

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Griffin previews the Amplifi

Now that you can get 256kbps, DRM-free music from iTunes (well, in May, anyway) you're going to want to hear what that extra $0.30US buys you. You could pick up an iPod HiFi for $350US, or wait a bit for the Amplifi by Griffin Technology. The Amplifi is a 2.1 sound system for all iPod models (it ac...

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Product placement in Hold 'Em for iPod

Ah, the powerful tactic of product placement, in which a real, commercial product is used in a fictional setting (for a fee, of course). Check out the screen grab of Texas Hold 'Em for iPod [iTunes link] that reader Michael sent us. Is that an iPod and iPod HiFi on the bookcase in the background? Wh...

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iPod LoFi

So, you say you're unimpressed with the iPod HiFi? Or maybe you find the price a bit prohibitive. No worries, just check out the iBoom LoFi. PC Mag writer Bill Machrone got himself an old Sanyo boom box, crammed the iPod into the cassette drawer and got the whole thing wired up for under $50. You ca...

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Ars Technica takes a look at iPod speakers

Those very detail oriented fellows at Ars Technica have set their sights on high end iPod speaker systems, and there can be only one. The review takes a look at the Apple iPod HiFi, the Altec Lansing inMotion iM7, and the Klipsch iFi. The review is very in depth, but I don't want to say any more les...

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TUAW Poll: Your announcement response

Ok, so we've heard from the TUAW bloggers (both yay and nay), now it's your turn: What did you think of Steve's dog and pony show yesterday? Check back tomorrow for the poll results. Rate Apple's new product announcement Home run ...

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