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Well that's just about the most horrifying iPod I've ever seen

This frightening photo was created as part of a weekly photography challenge. The theme was "Metaphors," and this one is "iPod Killer," though it looks more like a killer iPod. [Photo credit: Richard West]...

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Mossberg and Pogue on the Zune

There are two titans of technology writing: Walt Mossberg and David Pogue. These men can make or break a product and today they both share their thoughts on Microsoft's would be iPod, the Zune. Now, it should be noted that both Pogue and Mossberg are known Apple fans, and more specifically they have...

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The iPod killers of summer '06

Companies are still trying to find that elusive iPod killer that they know must be out there. Competition is a good thing, so I thought I would link to MP3newswire's report of the contenders this summer. The article lists a dizzying array of MP3 players in every form factor you can think of. Some ha...

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