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Hookup Your iPod and Your Bluetooth Phone

Computerworld has an article up on some interesting products from Macworld that were potentially missed in the iPhone hoopla. Perhaps the most interesting of them is the hookup from Lenntek ($170). It is a two piece solution for integrating your iPod and Bluetooth phone. It features a transmitter th...

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EWOO Remote controls iPod and iTunes

Zicplay, a Swiss consumer electronics manufacturer just unveiled the EWOO, a remote control device that controls not just your iPod - but also your iTunes music and video library that resides on your computer. The EWOO system has a lightweight remote control, a dock, which holds and charges both you...

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Keyspan now shipping TuneView iPod remote

Keyspan announced today that they have started shipping the TuneView for iPod remote control, which features a color LCD screen and utilizes 2-way RF connectivity. Keyspan calls it the "Ultimate Remote Control for iPod," and it does have a few unique features that set it apart from the crowd. The r...

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Ugly and pointless Visual Remote for iPod

Color me confused on this one. A company called Advanced Technetix, Inc has popped up out of nowhere and started a Consumer Products division to unleash a seemingly pointless and mighty unattractive product targeted at iPod users. Their website is barren except for contact info and a tag line that s...

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Belkin SportCommand for iPod

If you're hitting the slopes with your iPod this winter and you can't afford one of those swanky Burton iPod jackets, you might consider Belkin's new SportCommand - a wireless, weather-resistant, neoprene, armband remote. As you've come to expect from an iPod remote, this one will allow you to play...

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iPod remote with a display

Hammacher Schlemmer, the purveyor of expensive crap no one needs, has added an iPod Remote Control with Display to their catalog. This $139.95 device works with any Dock Connector equipped iPod. The screen on the remote displays the currently playing song, as well as playlists and what have you. It ...

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Griffin TuneCenter: Now THAT'S a docking station

Shortly after I bought my 5G iPod, I got a Universal Dock and remote. The dock is...ok. It lets me play my videos, music and photos on a TV, all the while charging my iPod (as long as I spend yet another $20US for a cable, and a wall charger, bringing things to a grand total of $116US). Yet, it seem...

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