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Apple removes iPod Socks from online store

Apple has pulled iPod Socks from the online Apple Store. Darn! Introduced in 2004, the fuzzy accessory has failed to toe the line. If you still have one, sock it away for posterity. I have a grey one around here somewhere. Finally, if you've got more than one, don't be a heel. Share with your...

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Rig of the Day: Drool

Today's rig of the day has us drooling. This shot by Flickr user The Real Dexta features two 30" cinema displays, an iSight, a 15" Powerbook, a 1TB LaCie RAID (yikes), a dualie 2.7 G5...and an iPod sock. It's the sock that puts it over the edge for me (mostly because I still use my grey o...

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