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iPad jailbreak released, works on iPhone and iPod touch

Within a few hours of its release the iPad had already been jailbroken and video proof released. The Dev-Team with @comex have released the first "userland" jailbreak for iPhone OS devices since the initial year of the iPhone's release. The current jailbreak, dubbed "Spirit," allows you to jailbr...

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Mouse steals cheese, iPhone 3.1 jailbreak released

The legendary Dev-Team has done it again. It just released the new version of the Pwnage Tool, a desktop application that's used to create custom firmware packages to jailbreak iPhones and iPod touches. Jailbreaking is the act of modifying the official firmware in order to run applications not appr...

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Manage your iPhone's clipboard with Snippets

The cut, copy, and paste features (finally) included in version 3.0 of the iPhone OS greatly improve the productivity of the iDevices. However, there is room for improvement. Enter Erich Bratton with his clipboard manager app, Snippets, available now in the iTunes App Store [iTunes link]. Snippets ...

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Preliminary tethered jailbreak now available for iPod touch 2G

About two weeks ago, the iPhone Dev Team started dropping hints about redsn0w, which is the project focused on jailbreaking the iPod touch 2G. Yesterday, the first unsupported tethered jailbreak, dubbed "Red Snow Lite" was released to the public. Before you attempt to jailbreak your shiny iPod touch...

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A boxful of awesome: Box.net iPhone

Update 2: Box.net will work with first generation iPod Touch units. The team is going to push an update very soon to make this visible on the app description page. You can download the program right now and it is fully compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch units. Update: Box.net is looking into...

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