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Why the iPod touch 3G makes no sense

Amongst the frenzied speculation that tomorrow's media event will see new iPhones and the end of the iPods both Shuffle and Classic, there's also been some lower-key talk of a possible "iPod touch 3G", designed to sit halfway between the iPad 3G and the iPhone. I must confess, this makes very litt...

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iPhone dev-team releases untethered redsn0w jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2, iPad 2 not included

The iPhone dev-team released an untethered jailbreak for iOS owners running Apple's latest 4.3.2 firmware. Good news for jailbreakers as Apple did not patch the hole discovered by @i0n1c. The code for this exploit was used in the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 and was easily ported over to th...

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iPad jailbreak released, works on iPhone and iPod touch

Within a few hours of its release the iPad had already been jailbroken and video proof released. The Dev-Team with @comex have released the first "userland" jailbreak for iPhone OS devices since the initial year of the iPhone's release. The current jailbreak, dubbed "Spirit," allows you to jailbr...

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Mouse steals cheese, iPhone 3.1 jailbreak released

The legendary Dev-Team has done it again. It just released the new version of the Pwnage Tool, a desktop application that's used to create custom firmware packages to jailbreak iPhones and iPod touches. Jailbreaking is the act of modifying the official firmware in order to run applications not appr...

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The iPod touch has 802.11n, so what?

Author and blogger Glenn Fleishman over at TidBITS has some great insights into iFixit's discovery that the 3rd generation iPod touch has an 802.11n-capable wireless chip. We mentioned this in our initial analysis of iFixit's teardown, but we still had a few comments asking what it could really do a...

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