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When Steve says "No" we hear "Maybe." Here's why.

In a recent TUAW post, I wondered whether a closed Mac system might be in Apple's future in addition to the standard Mac offerings. Despite the existence of Apple TV, some are dubious. After all, Steve Jobs said no (or, more accurately "nope") to a correspondent who recently asked about a Mac App...

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An ode to my iPod video

How do I love my iPod video? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I adore this small piece of technology. It's nearly 3 years old now -- I ordered it the first day it was available -- and this 5th generation 30GB iPod video unit is still chugging along and making our lives better. First and foremost,...

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Clever iPod advertising in South Africa

Starting with the infamous 1984 Super Bowl television commercial, Apple's advertising campaigns have become almost as unique and interesting as their retail products. Check out some images of this recent campaign, created by Net#Work BBDO in South Africa to announce the functionality of video...

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100GB upgrade for 5G iPod available

So you've got an 80GB iPod, but it's bursting at the seams with all of those movies. Wouldn't an extra 20GB be handy? Check out this hard drive upgrade from PDASmart. For $275US, you can get a 100GB upgrade for the 30GB, 60GB or 80GB iPods with video. The drive is a brand new Toshiba MK1011GAH, and...

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iTunes and iPod Video Viewing take off

More and more people are cutting back their TV watching in favor of catching their favorite shows on their computer and portable devices according to a report in TechNewsWorld. Nearly half of all on-line viewers say they watch less traditional TV, including those who only watch an on-line show once...

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Do you watch video on your iPod?

I'm a big iPod video watcher. I love watching my shows while waiting on slow lines or at the dentist or at the DMV. My kids watch video when we're carpooling and my husband has a boatload of old John Wayne movies digitized that travel with us when we go to hotels. Perhaps we're not the most normal...

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Make a screensaver for your iPod 5G

I'm not sure why your iPod needs a screensaver, or whether this particular effect can really be called a screensaver, but since several of you have sent us this tip, there must be some interest in it! This how-to is so short I'm going to re-post it all it here: create a folder on your iPod named...

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iScorch to the rescue

I lost my lighter to airport security the other day. So I was resigned to being unprepared for the inevitable flame tribute to the bands at the Lyons Folks Festival tonight. That is, until I came across this post at Cult of Mac about the iScorch. I'll just hold up my iPod Video and let this video be...

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PodTropolis May Shut Down, the leading podcast and iPod-ready video bittorrent tracker may soon shut down. A notice posted to their front page yesterday and udpated today explains: "It's looking like we are going to have to close our doors in the next week unless we can come up with enough money to pay our...

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Improve your at bat with an iPod

The Colorado Rockies are using iPods (with video) to help their players improve their batting skills. It seems that one iPod can hold five seasons worth of at bats for a particular player, letting the ball player review his performance at his convenience. The Rockies also plan to equip their talent...

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macTV offers up iPod ads

Our friends at macTV let us know that they now have a special section devoted to only to iPod ads. This way you can all every iPod ad on your iPod (in case you need to let others know about the wonders of the iPod). You can subscribe via iTunes or simply subscribe to macTV's RSS feed....

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Flickr Find: I Want to Believe

Alternate title: If Agent Mulder were a Mac geek. Sometimes it's necessary to break the wild speculation and rumor mongering with a bit of humor, and jyunderwood's poster does the trick. This is also a good opportunity to address what's inevitably going to happen tomorrow. Legions of Mac users are...

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iPod video "spy shot" a fake

Well, well, looky here: Turns out that widely-distributed image of the supposed 6G "true video" iPod was a total and utter f-a-k-e fake. MacRumors points to this video (YouTube) that documents the creation of the original image, and this blog post right here shows why the second pic is...

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iPod as a catalyst for DMCA reform?

CNET News has a really interesting perspective piece highlighting the video iPod's potential for being a catalyst for DMCA reform, specifically: the (outlandish) portion that makes it illegal to sell or distribute DVD-ripping software. The idea behind the article is that, until now, these measures...

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Forty-Two DVDVX Plus v3.0 = movie encoding heaven

Apps that convert video for portable devices just keep getting smarter, and Forty-Two DVDVX Plus v3.0 is a prime example. Recently updated to version 3, I think this just might be the perfect tool for the job, whether you're rolling with a 5G iPod, a PSP, a Nokia series 60 phone or a handful of...

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